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HBO and the rest of the television world label this series as a comedy.  I've got to be honest:  I can count the number of times this show has made me laugh out loud on one hand or less. 

Having said that, not all comedies are alike.  This show creates a dark comedic vibe that gets you to smirk and smile at certain situations, while cringing at others.

With "Just the Tip," Hung returned right where we left it at the end of season one.  There is a power struggle inside the newly arranged three-way prostitution ring and Ray's feelings for his ex-wife are getting the best of him.

During the meeting of Happiness Consultants, Lenore both takes control of the operation and cracks me up in the process.  Her idea is that "Although we sell dick, and not cars, we could learn a lot from Diego Rivera."  To remain at the top, she makes Ray give Tanya 20% out of his 60% cut.

Ray on Strike

As a result, Tanya attempts to get some of her control back.  She heads out to the Donut Hole for a little prostitute research.  Luckily, she finds the local pimp of female prostitutes, who spits a whole bunch of knowledge at her.  I'm glad to see that Tanya should be getting a leg up on Lenore soon.  The teacher/student, or dominant/submissive, relationship would start to get old if allowed to continue.

Because she both helped Ray out with his tough job assisgnment of the week, and figured out a way to get him to "want the leash," Tanya could be on the path to greener pastures within the organization. 

Although cooking burgers and bringing over beer for Ray may help her more, telling him to imagine his pregnant client is his ex-wife may do wonders for Ray.

Ray obviously still has feelings for Jessica, and recently it seems she might be turning a corner herself.  After setting up a meeting to discuss their kids, Ray and Jessica end up having a fantastically good time bowling the night away.  You have to be rooting for an ending where these two crazy kids get back together, right?

A couple more notes from the season two premiere:
  • Maybe I'm in the minority on this one, but aren't these kids a little too honest with their parents?  Darby telling her mom that she is nothing without men seems a bit harsh to me.
  • The teaching and coaching scenes just don't work for me on this show.  Don't get me wrong, Ray's speech to the baseball team was very motivational, but it doesn't feel right because we hardly ever see him interacting with them. 

What did you think of the episode? Review a handful of Hung quotes from it now and jump in to the discussion.

Just the Tip Review

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Hung Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Ray: What about these clenched hands?
Lenore: To me that represents fisting Ray. It tells me it's time for you to change up your repertoire.

Although we sell dick, and not cars, we could learn a lot from Diego Rivera.