Leverage Review, Take Two: "The Reunion Job"

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Titled "The Reunion Job," the second half of last night's Leverage season premiere brought us face to face with high school and, in some ways, mental baggage.

This episode had some awesome subtlety to it that I only caught when watching it a second time. When the team was laying out the details of “who” Larry Duberman was, Eliot was pouring tea for Sophie, then put sugar and squeezed a lemon into it. Right afterwards, they did explain how Sophie had subliminally suggested Eliot do those things.

However, when I watched that scene a second time, I was amazed that I could actually pick out where she said things like “well, that would put the squeeze on them then wouldn’t it?” (and Eliot squeezed the lemon). I found myself pleasantly surprised all over again that the writers had been thinking ahead like that. Now,  I honestly have no idea if that type of thing works in real life, where you can work a word or phrase into a sentence and tap someone to get them to remember it, but it was fun for an hour.

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I also want to mention the awesome guest stars in this episode: Arye Gross as Larry Duberman was channeling one part Steve Jobs and one part Bill Gates. I caught little nods to both of the software legends.  Moreover, Kari Wuhrer is still looking amazing. It is great seeing her working, as she was awesome as the hit woman “Nikki” and I laughed myself to tears when she got tazed, (she did a great job with the slapstick).

Lastly, I thought it was nice to see Sophie and Nate dancing at the reunion. As predicted in my previous review, she still won’t tell Nate her real name and actually told him to stop and not ruin the moment. I think this scene also showed us a tender and young side of Parker as well who confesses she didn’t go to high school and wonders if missed much.

Overall it was a great second episode for the night (and season). What do you think Sophie’s real name is? How long do you think the show will go without telling us?  Should Parker and Hardison just admit they are really into each other?

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The Reunion Job Review

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Nate: What are you lurking??
Eliot: Yeah. I'm a lurker, that's my thing.

He is the CEO of Dubertech. Back in the 90s he wrote the book on database security and I mean literally wrote "the book" (Holds up the book).