So You Think You Can Dance Review: Holla at the L.A. Ladies!

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It wasn't officially ladies-only night on So You Think You Can Dance Wednesday, it just felt like it thanks to Lauren Froderman, Christina Santana and other female standouts.

The women stole the show during the auditions in Chicago and L.A. in what would've been a great hour of TV. Like The Bachelorette, however, it's two hours for some reason.

In any case, the second auditions episode was as fun as the first, thanks to Lauren Froderman, 19, a cheerleader who (apparently) would make an enthusiastic stripper, too.

That's a new one.

Christina Santana, meanwhile, is familiar to fans who saw last season, thanks to a memorable near nose-breaking incident. In 2010, the salsa dancer looks better than ever.

Then there's Rachel Girma, 18, a rhythmic gymnast training for the Olympics until she hurt her foot. Her athleticism and intensity make up for her lack of experience (none).

So You Think You Can Dance Judges

The esteemed So You Think You Can Dance panel shines during auditions.

So good were the ladies that even a montage of dancers, good and bad, prompted Adam Shankman to exclaim to one of them, "You're a perfect stew and I want to eat you."

Awkward, but accurate ... we think.

Don't get us wrong, there were some guys who stepped up to the plate. But a veritable parade of stunning women took the stage and promptly collected tickets to Las Vegas.

It seems to us like the Los Angeles women who auditioned were so strong, the rest of the country has been put on alert - the spots in the finals are going to be gone pronto.

Where the auditions often fail in our mind - and American Idol does the same - is by wasting all sorts of time on joke contestants like "Hella Hung." Stick to the good stuff!

Still, the L.A. and Chicago auditions were more than entertaining. Who else stood out and made it to Vegas? We recap some of the night's top dancers after the jump:


Lauren Froderman: When a cheerleader promises a "kid appropriate sexy routine," you knew it wouldn't be. Especially set to "Let's Get it On." Oh, but she was hot. And limber.

Christina Santana: Billy Bell's almost-nose breaker from last season tore up the floor with her spicy Salsa dancer and looks like she'll be a force to be reckoned with here in '10.

Rachel Girma: Rhythmic gymnastics standout has only been dancing for a few weeks.

Melinda Sullivan: The first hipster tap dancer we've seen, but definitely the best, too!

Ryan Ramirez: Assisted Mia Michaels on So You Think You Can Dance's fourth season.

Alexie Agdeppa: Another near-miss from last season is back for another go-'round.

Chicago Champs

Andrew Phillips: Dances for his twin brother who is wheelchair-bound. Inspirational, but much more than just a feel-good story, as he's got chops to make it to Vegas for sure.

Kent Boyd: The pride of Wapakoneta, Ohio, brings plenty of small town charm, but he's also got skills. Crazy skills if you ask us. If he makes the Top 10, the field is on notice.

Adrian Lee: Moved like a feather out there. Imagine the contemporary choreography.

Jarrod Mayo: A self-proclaimed Momma's Boy charmed the judges and has potential.

Who was your favorite So You Think You Can Dance performer last night? Do you think they've got what it takes to be Top 10? Share your opinions with us via comments below.

L.A., Chicago Auditions Review

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