The Gates Review: "What Lies Beneath"

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Last night's episode of The Gates was definitely able to hold our interest in this mythical suburbia community, but I still don't understand why they would have a Chief of Police that wasn't supernatural like the rest of them. 

Wouldn't it make more sense to have someone that was like them? Granted, they may not be able to control who picks the new chief - but, why not? It seems like everyone in the community is able to get away with murder, so why couldn't a witch put a spell on the person that makes these decisions? Just saying...

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Back to the show. I do really like this show - a lot. Even if there are gaps and strange endings to storylines - this is a magical/mythical community after all.

From the looks of it - someone was out to get the ex Chief - but I don't believe it was Chad! I also happen to be a huge fan of anyone from My So-Called Life - and really, would Brian be a killer? I don't think so! That leave this case in my eyes still wide open. Who do you think is the real killer?

"What Lies Beneath" took us further into who the main characters are and from the looks of it - there's still so much we can't wait to learn!

For example, Andie is a succubus. Up until last night, I didn't have the faintest idea of what that was. After briefly researching succubus online - I found out that this is a mythical female demonic creature that feeds on men's energy in their sleep - very similar to a vampire.

So, I wonder if Andie realized something was strange with her when she kissed Charlie. Do you think Andie's father will inform her what she really is? I hope so!

Another character that we have only scratched the surface with is Devon. We know she is a witch - a powerful one at that - but, why do you think she wanted Claire's blood so bad? She claimed it was to make the neighbor permanently forget seeing Claire drive away in the dead guy's truck, but I don't buy it. There's a lot more to Devon and her mysterious teas.

Nick's character is definitely going against the grain being the upstanding and honest Chief. Do you think something in him will crack? Notice how the old Chief would take money? And at the end of the episode Nick does take the free and very expensive tea from Devon as a gift for his wife. I have a feeling that throughout this show, Nick's moral fiber will be tested quite often.

I really do like Charlie and Brett. Both guys are very cute and oddly enough I think they will become friends (at least I hope so!). The romantic triangle is definitely brewing and I can honestly say I don't want either of them to end up dead!

There's still so much groundwork to cover and The Gates definitely has all summer long to become a hit. Hopefully, it won't get bogged down by the number of characters and storylines.

What did you think of the second episode? Leave your comments below!

Until next week, here are a few The Gates quotes from last night's episode:

Claire: If you're lying - I'll kill you.
Devon: Yes, I'm well aware. | permalink
Devon: There - you can go to sleep tonight knowing that this problem is solved. But Claire, do try to stay out of trouble. | permalink
Lucas: Stay out of it! | permalink
Claire: Emily thinks my stories are boring because they all end in a kiss - and that's icky. | permalink
Devon: I'm not asking for your trust, I'm just trying to find a solution to your problem Claire. | permalink
Brett: You did me a solid, now stay out of it. | permalink

What Lies Beneath Review

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The Gates Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

That's what I mean by changing behavior.

Nick and Sarah's daughter

Simon: Maybe its time you stopped trying to beat your old man and focus on the hunt.
Lucas: Yes sir.