Bethenny Getting Married Review: "Bryn There, Done That"

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If there's one thing we love about Bethenny Getting Married?, it's the episode titles and the fact that there is a question mark in the title, which makes no sense at all.

If there's a second thing, it's that its charismatic star can be stressed out, snarky and over-the-top sarcastic one second and remarkably sweet and relatable the next.

Such was the case last night, when we saw Bethenny Frankel and husband Jason Hoppy, who just welcomed daughter Bryn into the world, try to take care of the girl.

At five weeks early, Bryn (named after Jason's late brother Bryan, sniff) is the tiniest and most vulnerable little thing and Jason and Bethenny are immediately in love.

They entertain numerous visitors, both at the hospital and at home, and their baby nurse, Gina (wouldn't that be nice), proves to be an invaluable help at the start.

Bryn Hoppy Picture

Bethenny Frankel with baby Bryn Hoppy.

Of course, this is Bethenny Frankel we're talking about, and while she wishes for some peace and quiet to be with her new baby girl, there is the whole work thing.

You would think she might have scaled back a bit in anticipation of Bryn's arrival, but it seems as if she assumed maternity leave might take about 72 hours here.

As such, the career woman and new mom soon realizes that balancing her work life with baby time is going to be more difficult than she anticipated. You think?

As the episode continues, Bethenny is exhausted and desperate for just one nap. Yes, those days are the best of one's life, but days one never wants to relive.

She's also eagerly anticipating the next time she and Jason can go on a real date.

That will have to wait, though, thanks to a bunch of DVD chats with publicists, baby showers, USA Today, a trip to Chicago, TV and radio appearances and more.

Even less realistic to commoners such as ourselves is the "push present" clueless Max and Jason buy her. Because Bryn isn't a present? A gift for giving birth?

Whatever. It's hard to stay mad at Bethenny, because she's so earnest. Well, at least for us. Girls may envy that she got her pre-baby body back in like a day.

About a month after Bryn's birth, Jason and Bethenny are out on the town. She's already dressed in her old clothes and she looks like she never got pregnant.

It’s both admirable and bizarre.

Bryn There, Done That Review

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