Bethenny Getting Married Review: "So Hoppy Together"

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Bethenny got married. There is no getting. It's past tense. She and Jason are - to quote Bravo's episode title - "So Hoppy Together." Was that why she married him? For the pun?

In Thursday night's installment, the wedding day finally arrived, and down at The Four Seasons, frazzled wedding planner Shawn is going full-tilt trying to get everything ready in time. 

He's a tad stressed, you could say.

Back at home, the Bethenny Getting Married finale is even more intense, with the insane bride trying to get ready for her wedding and simultaneously editing her new book.

We love her, but wow. Chill, girl!

Wedding Day Bliss

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

She accomplishes the book, to her momentary relief. Then Teri, the Maid of Honor, comes over wearing another really bad shirt and the hair and makeup pros arrive as well.

We're getting down to the wire.

A photography team is there to document this process, and outside the Four Seasons are paparazzi and security. Fortunately, Bethenny is thrilled at how the place looks.

“It’s gorgeous. I’m so excited. It’s perfect,” Bethenny sighs. Shawn is finally off suicide watch. But there's still the matter of getting her into her dress ... oh boy.

“Oh my god! It fits!” Bethenny cries once her wedding dress is hoisted into place ... until she has to take it off to go to the bathroom, which isn't going to happen.

Ever resourceful, Shawn makes the decision that Bethenny will pee into a silver champagne bucket. He’s not as thrilled about this prospect as he’s making it look.

Soon enough, the doors swing open and the bliss begins. “Wow,” says Jason, teary. “You fill my heart with so much joy, happiness, and love,” Jason tells Bethenny.

“I waited my whole life for you,” beautiful bride Bethenny tells Jason. “The sum of us is greater than the parts. This is the best moment of my entire life, right now.”

There you have it. Bethenny was gorgeous, Jason was handsome, the wedding was beautiful, the reception rocked, and no doubt their honeymoon will be lovely.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

So Hoppy Together Review

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