Bethenny Getting Married Review: "The Honeymoon is Over"

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Love her or hate her, Bethenny Frankel is not half-assing this reality show.

We've seen her joke about feminine hygiene products, threaten to dismember a wedding planner, and urinate into a bucket in a white dress - unabashedly and entertainingly.

Last night on Bethenny Getting Married, she upped the ante yet again, posing nude ... and very pregnant. Throw in a visit to her OB-GYN right afterward and that's her life.

First, Bethenny and Jason jet off to fabulous St. Bart’s for their luxurious honeymoon. Mr. and Mrs. Hoppy enjoy the services of a private villa complete with butler and pool.

They hang at the pool and the beach and appear to have a fabulous time. Occasionally, and predictably, Bethenny’s anxiety about all that awaits back home makes her upset.

Shy would not be a word used to describe Bethenny Frankel.

Jason does his best to be supportive and comforting in these times, and we love these two because despite her fame, they discuss the same topics many expectant parents do:

  • Where and when should Bethenny use Jason’s last name? It's a valid question.
  • “When do they talk and walk? When does that happen?" - Bethenny, on babies
  • “Can babies wear white after Labor Day?” - Bethenny, focusing on the priorities
  • “Like for two hours and I was exhausted.” - Jason, on prior baby care experience
  • “So at the hospital they just send us home with this little baby or what?” - Jason

Been there. And seriously ... how sweet are these two?

Follow the link above for a far more comprehensive recap of last night's drama - however banal it might have been at times. Next week, we get to see the blessed event of her baby's birth. We know it goes well from real-life coverage, but we still can't wait.

That's the sign of a surprisingly good reality show.

The Honeymoon is Over Review

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