Big Brother Spotlight: Annie Whittington

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Are ready for a new season of Big Brother?

It premieres tonight, and we've already introduced fans to a pair of contestants: Kathy Hillis and Matt Hoffman. Up next, in our season 12 profiling: Annie Whittington.

This 27-year old is a bartender from Tampa, Florida. In a recent interview, she gushed:

"I wanted to be on Big Brother, it's just been a life-long dream of mine. It's just a game that I find really, really interesting... the social experiemnt of it... I think it just looks like a ton of fun."

Annie Whittington

While Whittington is clearly beautiful, she tells Zap2It that she is NOT a "girlie-girl" and is actually afraid she'll take issue with women "who are really obsessed with their outer appearance."

As for her house strategy?

"Personally, when I make a plan and it doesn't follow through the way that I want it to, I get frustrated... so instead of going in with a plan, I'm going to go in and lay low... I really want to feel the people out and play a character each week and fit in as best I can."

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