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“There is so much angst going on here.” George is right on target with this description of the Twilightesque movie Phantasma, but he might as well be talking about last night’s episode of Huge, “Movie Night.” With all the raging hormones, mixed signals and hurt feelings the show truly reflected the romantic lives of teenagers and ghosts, apparently.

Will continues her infuriating disregard of Ian (“I love not speaking to people”), but softens when he asks her to write songs with him. He may not “trust or respect her," but he never wrote anything as well before reading her poem. Will misconstrues the situation, believing Ian is aware of her crush on him from reading her journal.

Camp Bonding Time

Tentatively excited about working with Ian, she lightly primps herself before meeting up with him. However, she is crushed when she overhears him writing a song about a certain blue-eyed, blond-haired camper. Ian’s interest in Amber has not faded, and it is sad to watch Will’s hopes be destroyed, despite her annoying attitude last week. She pairs her hurt feelings with some choice lines from Phantasma, and writes a heartfelt ballad about unrequited love that both she and Ian can relate to.

Shockingly, the most angsty pairing was the adult one. Wayne, the kindly surveyor/handyman, returned to build a fence for Camp Victory. Dr. Rand is immediately flustered by his return and muses over the situation for most of the episode. Wanting to believe that his actions (building the fence with no talk of payment, mentioning his divorce and quoting poetry) mean he is attracted to her, but unsure if she really wants the attention, Rand stammers her way through conversations and takes a “Is he really into you?” quiz in a magazine, just like a teenage girl.

Ultimately, she rejects his advances because she cannot find a way to be comfortable with his interest. Clearly, Rand has some personal issues and she finds it difficult to relate to other people emotionally. This is unfortunate for Wayne, but the sweet suitor doesn’t give up and includes a forget-me-not with his invoice.

Equally troubling, although more understandable, was Chloe’s continued focus on getting and keeping Trent’s attention. After finally getting a kiss during the Talent Show,
Chloe feels Trent’s interest waning as his only topic of discussion is Ian’s song-writing. His man-crush on Ian and newfound interest in music makes Chloe ready herself for some serious making-out at movie night. Her actions are increasingly disconcerting when she reveals to Alistair, in her anxiety over losing Trent’s attention, that she was last summer’s mystery camp girl who slept with a boy not because she liked him, but because she became popular by hooking up with him.

As Amber

As Poppy comments, the boy took advantage of the girl, but she is too young to realize it yet. The episode sort of papered over this issue when Trent declares that he does like Chloe, but wasn’t sure if she wanted anything more from their relationship. However, just because Chloe’s need to fit in at any cost (including her virginity) may be a somewhat accurate reflection of a teenage girl’s problem with boys doesn’t make it right.

Chloe’s situation makes the George and Amber pairing seem less like a good idea. Clearly they are both interested in one another and fans are clamoring to see more action between the two, but is this fair to Amber? Older men and teenage girls hook up with more regularity on ABCFamily’s Pretty Little Liars, but in a teen drama set more in reality, we can see how fragile Amber really is.

After finally expressing her frustration over her poverty last week, Amber opens up a little more about her home situation in this episode. She mentions her mother frequently, but never her father.  A lack of any strong male role model, self-esteem and body issues along with the usual naiveté of a teenage girl makes Amber vulnerable to men.

Luckily, George seems like a good guy, aware of the dangers of being involved with a camper or taking advantage of any girl for that matter. He resists his attraction to Amber even when she seeks him out, but it’s likely that this pattern won’t continue for long. Next week’s episode promos suggest more opportunities for the two to build their friendship, and possibly become romantically involved.

Favorite line of the episode: “It must be so lonely being dead” – Alistair (of course!)

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Movie Night Review

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Huge Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

There's so much angst going on here.


It must be so lonely being dead.