Hung Review: "Sing It Again, Ray"

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The episode "Sing It Again Ray," took a bit of a break in the fight for pimp supremacy and instead was more heavily focused on Damon (or the relationship between Damon and Ray).

The installment opened with the high school outcast acting out a pitch and a hit on his dad's baseball field, and then peeing on home plate.  Like Tanya, I really saw this as a metaphorical piece. Damon was taking his anger out on his father by peeing on his precious home plate. 

Although Tanya saw it the same way I did, and compared it to a wonderful piece of art, Damon said he just drank a lot of pop.

Was he being truthful in his explanation of the incident?  Or was it just another example of Damon not being able to communicate with his father?  It has to be a little of both right?  The kid doesn't like baseball, so why else would he be out there? 


The imaginary game he was playing by himself could have been his way of connecting with his dad.  Once he came to the realization that he was only playing imaginary baseball, he took out his frustrations with both his father and the rest of his life by urinating on home plate.  Then again, maybe he just drank a lot of pop.

It was nice to see Damon smiling by the end of the episode.  Tanya's idea to take him to the Slam Bam Poetry Jam really panned out for everyone involved.  First of all, Tanya's poem went over swimmingly with the audience.  Secondly, Damon seemed to enjoy the environment and stayed longer when he could have fled the scene with Ray. 

And finally, Ray seemed to gain some points with Damon for bringing him to the event.  So it was indeed a win-win... win.

In the recent past I have complained about Tanya's lack of improvement as a pimp, but it continued to irk me again this week.  Am I supposed to believe that capturing this "Moby Dick," as she calls Francis, is such a big deal?  It is only one client after all, and she kind of fell ass backward into the deal. 

Until she proves that she can regularly get Ray clients, he will continue to need Lenore.  And this plot line will continue to run in place.

I didn't review the first season of Hung so I don't remember if this has happened a lot already, but this week's client did absolutely nothing to move any plot lines along. 

It's as if this meeting between Ray and the birthday girl was solely in the script as an excuse to show full frontal nudity.  Oh yeah, and to hear Ray's beautiful singing voice.  Yup.  Sing it again, Ray.

Sing It Again, Ray Review

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Tanya: I think I can see what he was going for. The plate of home, a place called home. He was releasing his anger in a non-violent way.
Ray: He was releasing alright...I don't know about anger.

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