Lie to Me Review: "Bullet Bump"

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This week’s episode "Bullet Bump" brought back my newest favorite recurring character Clara Musso. In the midst of a fairly normal case for the Lightman Group this week we were treated to an unexpected twist of Lightman getting his firm back into his own control.

Bullet Bump Scene

Allow me to start with Clara Musso. Did anyone else feel that her actions actually felt out of character? Here is a woman who owes her life to the firm. Not only did she withhold vital information, she started off by trying to warn Lightman to go easy in his investigation. To me, this felt totally out of character given her driving passion for wanting to be involved with finding the truth and her knowledge that telling Lightman not to do something will pretty much make him do exactly the opposite.

I wonder if they signed Melissa George to a certain number of episodes and wanted to send the character out “with a bang”. I am glad that she and Lightman finally broke the tension and followed through on their attraction to each other. On the flipside, I am left very sad that the odds are not good that we will see much of her again.

This brings us to Emily and Eli. I absolutely loved the talk that Emily and Lightman had at the end of the episode. It made it feel like she had been playing Eli, knowing that he was over-stepping and she was trying to put him back where he belonged.

Maybe I am giving Emily too much credit for being 16. But, given who her dad is, I think it is a safe bet. I am also very glad that Lightman can be a big enough man to give a straight out apology to Eli for his overreaction. Honestly, I think Eli really needed to get himself together before he tried to talk to Lightman given how hot headed he *knows* that Lightman can be. While I would like to say that physical violence and/or inappropriate actions like the punch would not take place. Given how closely they work together, I am willing to give them the benefit of doubt that they are more like family where it could happen.

For all the Cal/Gillian fans out there, we were treated to an exceptionally rare glimpse of the two of them being flirty, teasing, and fun. I can now see why so many people are rooting for Team Callian! (CAl +gilLIAN = Callian, you know, like Brangelina). They were very cute together, and I can now agree (given that Clara is gone) that they could be good for each other.

Speaking of Gillian, did she rock or what tonight? She was on fire with her readings. I am so glad they are giving Gillian stronger roles. She is an amazing character and seems to fall victim to being under-used many times. But the last two episodes she has really stepped up, both emotionally and professionally.  I hope her suitor from last week turns up to bring her out of her shell even more.

What did you think of the episode? Will you miss Clara Musso? Did you understand why Lightman was asking her to shake his hand? Did Emily really want to kiss Eli, or was she playing him? We want to hear what you think. Chime in below. Remember to be honest, we don’t want to have to send Lightman after you!

Until next week, we leave you with a few of our favorite Lie to Me quotes below!

Clara Musso: Are you trying to get me drunk?
Cal Lightman: Me, No, Never..... Absolutely. | permalink
Cal Lightman: Oye! Lemmings! Who here besides, Michelle was shagging the Chief of Staff. | permalink
Clara Musso: He's a governor Gillian, not a mob boss.
Cal Lightman: That sounds like a much better campaign slogan than "no more excuses" . | permalink

Bullet Bump Review

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Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Clara Musso: He's a governor Gillian, not a mob boss.
Cal Lightman: That sounds like a much better campaign slogan than "no more excuses" .

Clara Musso: Just go easy on him. I respect this man a lot. Some day he could be president.
Cal Lightman: Not with this girl's blood on his hands, he won't.