So You Think You Can Dance Eliminations: Jose Ruiz, Billy Bell

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While it was refreshing to see a results show in which dancers who actually competed faced the music, this was predictable from the second the bottom three were announced.

Lauren Froderman in the bottom three? Really, America?

Speaking not just a straight guy, but as an objective observer, she's been one of the best all season. Possibly the only one who can defeat Kent. She's proficient and personable.

Of the three thus battling for the final spot in So You Think You Can Dance's coveted top four, there was simply no way Lauren could lose out to Jose Ruiz or Billy Bell. None.

Jose had been sneaking through for weeks, no doubt benefiting from injuries to other more talented stars. Billy? Perhaps he hurt his own cause by opting out of last week.

Jose Ruiz Photo
Billy Bell

Even Jose Ruiz and Billy Bell seemed resigned to their fate.

Doctors cleared him to dance and he performed well this week, but that move could have cost him even if he possesses more talent than Adechike Torbert or Robert Roldan.

Talent alone doesn't win this thing, however.

As she did in the previous night's Top 6 performances, Lauren knocked our socks off even when she wasn't at our best - she handles whatever is thrown her way with poise.

Her effort last night was a cut above the guys fighting her to avoid elimination, and made the judges' obvious call even easier. Jose and Billy, it's time we say our farewells.

This leaves Adechike and Robert, two guys often targeted for elimination, fighting Lauren and Kent for the title of America's Favorite Dancer. Are they up to the challenge?

You never know. Both have grown significantly, and you can't predict what America is going to vote for. So much depends on partners, choreography, costumes, etc.

It's a popularity contest as well as a talent show. That we can't forget. But we would still put our money on a Lauren and Kent showdown for the title. How about you?

Who do you want to win So You Think You Can Dance?

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