The City Season Finale Review: "Lost in Translation"

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Last night's season finale of The City was called "Lost in Translation." More accurately, it was lost in the shuffle, given the series finale of The Hills happening right beforehand.

After the way The Hills ended, one has to wonder if The City finale was not a bit over-dramatized as well. Would Whitney Port really sell out Kelly in that fashion? Did she?

Whitney tells Kelly that she has been approached by a PR woman, and even after Kelly thinks it might be a bit early to be doing press for her line, Whitney thinks about it.

Meanwhile, Olivia arrives at Elle offices in Tokyo and impresses there. In New York, Joe is starting to lean towards Olivia over Louise ... we're sure MTV plays no role in that.


Whitney Port faces a difficult decision regarding her future in fashion.

Roxy tells Zach she is feeling angry about Whitney. He reminds her that Whitney helped her when she arrived in the city, and Roxy says that feels indebted to her old friend.

Erin later asks Joe if he has decided who will be the new face of Elle's website ... and despite Erin's passive hints that he might lose Louise, Joe remains committed to Olivia.

Olivia returns from Japan for a meeting at Elle, where he officially announces that Olivia will be the new face of the Elle website and says he is sorry for Louise to be leaving.

Joe then tells Olivia she needs to work closely with Erin ... at which point the former delivers the line of the season: "Are you OK with that?" asks Olivia with a wry smile.

Terrible. Roxy later tells Whitney her loyalty is to Kelly because she has invested in her. Whitney understands but doesn't know what to do ... as she ponders her future.

Not a bad episode and not a bad season. It's an interesting look behind the scenes of two major aspects of the fashion industry, and some of their very real components.

If Stephanie Pratt really takes Roxy Olin's place, that would diminish its luster, however. It's hard to take a show seriously when inept people get jobs because of fame.

What did you think of The City season finale? What decision will Whitney make, and is Olivia really cut out to be the face of Discuss!

Lost in Translation Review

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