The Gates Review: "The Monster Within"

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This week, The Gates answered a couple questions I've had brewing on the back burner since this series started - and also showed us how the writers really like to use foreshadowing in "The Monster Within".

Let's first talk about Theresa. She was randomly added to the show and we never really got a clear view about her past. I for one, felt it was a bit rushed with her moving in with Marcus within the first week of them meeting. And as it turns out, she came to the Gates to get revenge for her brothers death. I wonder how Marcus will deal with the deception. Do you feel as though maybe he also has some supernatural powers? It seems like pretty much everyone does in the Gates.

Nick allowed us to see a side of him that we never expected. Granted, Theresa's brother most likely deserved to die for all the terrible things he did to people, but it wasn't for him to decide or take action into his own hands. This scenario is a prime example of the foreshadowing I talked about earlier. When Nick said:

Nick: I killed him - he was a monster and now I don't know if I'm any different. | permalink

It showed the audience that Nick could have some empathy towards the monsters that live inside the Gates. When Theresa was about to kill Nick, Dylan came to the rescue and ravished her. Nick finally saw a side of his new life that I'm sure he wasn't expecting, but understood that Dylan did what he did in order to save his life. I also don't think Nick is going to say anything about his new developments regarding the Radcliffs. It will be interesting to see how he deals with fully knowing vampires exist.

Bottoms Up, Claire

Another great foreshadowing moment was when Sarah and Claire bumped into the town's gossip queen. Claire fully admitted that this lady is the eyes and ears of the town and anything she has on you will soon be public knowledge. Of course when Claire meets up with the ever so good-looking Christian to get their cravings on, it is the same woman from town. Claire automatically knows that her secret double life will be out of the bag. At least this forced her into choosing between her two lives and her choice was her family.

We also finally got to see what Andie's powers could to do a man. After only briefly making out with Charlie, Charlie passed out in class. I wonder what would happen if they ever had intercourse? Would Charlie die? I really find Andie's character very interesting and almost reminds me of Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body. Andie did point out to Charlie how great she has been feeling since he got Mono so maybe a succubus is exactly like the same as the demonic creature Megan Fox turned into? Now that Andie's father presumably told her what she is, will she back away from Charlie or continue with the illicit affair?

Brett really had the most trouble on this weeks episode. He killed a man who shot at Lucas in his wolf form. If it wasn't for his coach's help, Brett most likely would have been in very hot water. Out of all the characters on this show, I feel the worst for Brett. His father and brother were both killed by hunters, his girlfriend whom he was in love with - left him for another guy, after running with the pack - he accidentally kills a man and now gets kicked off of his team. No wonder he wanted to just run with the end of the episode. Hopefully, things will start looking up for this hottie. 

With each passing week, I am really finding myself intrigued with this new show! Hopefully, the storylines will continue to dazzle and surprise me. So far so great! What did you think of this weeks episode?

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Nick: I lied to the department. Sarah, I lied to you. | permalink
Andie: It's too bad you have mono because I'd show you exactly how I am feeling. | permalink
Claire: It's been a long time since I've had a proper martini. | permalink
Claire: I know it's wrong, but when I'm with you Christian - I feel like my old self again.
Christian: Yeah I like the old Claire.
Claire: Yeah, I do too | permalink
Nick: Do you know how much I love you?
Sarah: Do you know how much I love you? | permalink
Nick: What are you?
Dylan: You know exactly what I am. | permalink

The Monster Within Review

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