The Good Wife Season Two Spoilers: Merge Ahead!

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As if the anticipation of who Alicia chooses - Will or Peter? - isn't enough of a reason for you to tune in to The Good Wife next season, producer Robert King has teased new episodes with this major scoop:

Lockhart & Gardener will merge with another firm.

Such a major development will throw “everyone for a loop,” King told Entertainment Weekly, “[especially partners] Will [Josh Charles] and Diane [Christine Baranski]. And Alicia [Julianna Margulies], who thought she was [in the clear], once again has to prove herself in new surroundings.”

Peter Press Conference

The change might affect Kalinda most of all.

She'll square off against the new firm's investigator, a character named Blake, who uses humor and sexual charisma to get what he wants. Also, look for the show to feature the head of the new company and develop him as a mentor of sorts to Alicia.

“We want to improve on what we did the first season,” said King. “We want to continue to take chances, be contemporary, and push the envelope.”

The Good Wife premieres season two on Tuesday, September 21.

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