Tristan Wilds on Awful 90210 Finale: Please Stay Tuned!

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Even the most loyal 90210 fans are in agreement: This show's May finale was atrocious.

It didn't wrap Annie's hit-and-run storyline and it teased a rape of Naomi, though didn't depict that character truly fighting back like someone in such a horrible situation clearly would.

Even star Tristan Wilds acknowledges viewer disappointment, putting a positive spin on it to E! News: "Some of you guys were upset, but you'll get to see what happens next season. You know, we gotta keep the fans thirsty... It's gonna be a good senior year."

We really hope so.

Navid and Dixon

Another anti-climactic storyline centered around Harry. Rob Estes has left the show, but no goodbyes or hints in this direction were made on the finale.

Still, Wilds is excited over the directions in which 90210 can now go:

"You'll see another part of American culture. It's the plight of the single mom. You get to see what she goes through and how she copes with dealing with two kids and still trying to find a job and keep a house et cetera, et cetera. It'll be a very different dynamic, but it's still very, very true to life."

Remember: 90210 moves to Monday nights this fall. Read a few spoilers about it now and chime in: Will you tune watch the premiere?

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