True Blood Round Table: "9 Crimes"

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On last night's new episode of True Blood, we met Debbie Pelt; we saw an especially dark side of Franklin; and we listened in as Bill broke Sookie's heart.

TV Fanatic has already reviewed "9 Crimes," but we're back with the latest edition of our Round Table Discussion. Weigh in on the following topics in our show forum and in the Comments section below...

What was your favorite True Blood quote from the episode?
M.L. House: Gotta go with Sookie's reaction to Bill saying he's leaving her: "Shut the f-ck up!" I'd re-consider a break-up after that hilarious retort.

The Barnacle: "The only thing I miss more than sunshine is fruit."  Because it embodies one of the things I love most about True Blood: the show looks at vampires in a way no other show does.  Close runner up for the same reason?  The IRS now taxing this species.  Seriously, no other show looks at these aspects!  So cool!

Mrs. Northman: Lafayette, after Mr. Northman flew out of Lafayette's window: "How am I supposed to deal with this fucked-up-ness?" Awesome.

ViddWizard: Eric, when he convinces Cal Norris to sell V for Lafayette by threatening to kill all his cousins: "That's called closing the deal."

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Is it really over for Bill and Sookie?
M.L. House: Yes. Bill has clearly moved on. He has a taste for sullen strippers now. (Get it?!?)

The Barnacle: Jesus, did you see Sookie drop that robe during Eric's fantasy?  Now I finally realize why Bill is obsessed with his human!  It's so back on... just after I answer the next question.

Mrs. Northman: I generally doubt it. Isn't there some sort of bond when you drink a vampire's blood? Plus, Sookie wont give up. I just don't see how they can be together again.

ViddWizard: I think it might be. Anyone who's ever had his/her heartbroken knows it's hard to ever trust that person when/if they come back asking to try again. Sookie might soon be in this position.

With whom should Sookie rebound: Eric or Alcide?
M.L. House: Pam. What?!? If Eric can have fantasies, so can I!

The Barnacle: Talk about a great segue!  Sookie needs to get her Eric on.  I'm not sure I can handle another one of these dream sequences without the deed happening.  Once we get out of that way, Bon Temps' most stable couple can get back together.

Mrs. Northman: Tough call. As hot as Alcide is - and he is SUPER hot - my heart belongs to Mr. Northman. All those fantasies should happen!!!! Eric and Sookie together just screams sexual chemistry.

ViddWizard: Alcide. His sister, Janice, already likes Sookie. If he can get past his hang up on Debbie, he would be a great choice for her!

More far-fetched: Jason as a quarterback, or Jason as a police officer?
M.L. House: Quarterback. The only thing Jason knows about running a two-minute drill is seeing how many women he can drill in two minutes.

The Barnacle: I dunno, pretty sure quarterbacks need some semblance of intelligence.  Cops in Bon Temps on other hand...

Mrs. Northman: Jason as a police officer - obviously. We know that Sookie has supernatural powers, but from Jason's stint at the Light of Day Institute, we know that he, too, carries some athletic gifts. Now, as a man upholding the law? C'mon! He's blackmailing his way into the force!

ViddWizard: Jason as a police officer. As Andy pointed out, Jason always finds the quick and easy way to do stuff. Besides that, I think blackmailing the Sheriff to become a cop could, and will, backfire on him.

Is Franklin good or evil?
M.L. House: Jason ignored Tara. Eggs was a brain-washed killer. Franklin at least got the girl flowers and had the decency to tie her her up on the toilet in case of an emergency. Give the guy a break! Compared to past crushes or boyfriends, he's an absolute saint.

The Barnacle: That's a fine line when it comes to vampires, but I'm leaning towards good, despite some of his actions. Like everyone else during this recession, dude just needs to get paid.  (Hey guys, click on some of our ads!)

Mrs. Northman: I honestly don't even understand how this could be a question? What was ever seen as good? When he told Tara he won't bite her because she wants it or was it when he tied her up all day on a toilet? No, it had to be when he brainwashed her into finding out Sookie's whereabouts. Yep! Sounds like an overall great guy to me!

ViddWizard: That's like asking, "Is the Sun hot or cold?" If he was any more evil the phrase wouldn't be "good or evil" it would just be "good or Franklin."

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