True Blood Round Table: "Trouble"

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Welcome to the latest edition of the True Blood Round Table!

From Franklin's humor to Sookie's powers to Eric's past, there was a lot to analyze from last night's episode of this HBO favorite. Our staff gets right down to the important topics below, as readers are encouraged to chime in with their opinions...

What was your favorite True Blood quote from the episode?
M.L. House: Franklin's pride in his texting abilities may be the funniest scene in show history, but I'll go with Sookie's accurate, self-deprecating to her muscled protector: "Work with me, Alcide. It gets easier."

The Barnacle: Pretty much everything out of Franklin's mouth, but just for the creepy factor, I'm going with his response to Tara wanting to talk: "Women say that, everything goes black, and I wake up surrounded by body parts."

Mrs. Northman: I'm not sure if she really spoke anything, but the gasp that Tara gave Franklin when he said he would make her his vampire bride was priceless!

ViddWizard: Russell Edgington's "Darling, (points at himself) King." when Talbot started scolding him about coming in messy.

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Who's funnier: Talbot or Franklin?
M.L. House: Jessica. She glamoured customers at Merlotte's into not giving a tip to Arlene. That's hilarious.

The Barnacle: No way that's even a competition.  Just hand Franklin a cell phone and ask him to text my response.

Mrs. Northman: Franklin! With the speed texting?! And when he said he'd kill anyone that made Tara cry? He is so creepy funny it's great!

ViddWizard: Talbot. His criticism for how things used to be so polite, along with his his near obsessed need to drink blood like it is a cocktail, is too funny to me. 

Do you trust Tommy?
M.L. House: I cheated and read an interview by his portrayer, Marshall Allman. Based on what the actor says here, gonna have to say no. Get away while you can, Sam.

The Barnacle: I trust nothing about Sam's family, but I still kind of feel sorry for the little pup.

Mrs. Northman: I think Tommy is adorable and really want to trust him, but I am not sure about this one yet. Hopefully he and Jessica will get together!

ViddWizard: I really want too! He is getting closer to Sam and I am hoping he is seeing how Sam is a decent person and is trying to break the mold of being the little sh!t he has been.

Do you buy that Bill doesn't know anything about the Stackhouse family tree?
M.L. House: No way am I buying that. Seems like a worse purchase than bundled derivatives from AIG.

The Barnacle: Either Stephen Moyer is the worst actor ever or Bill is hiding something.  I'm gonna go with the latter.

Mrs. Northman: No at all! He for sure knows something about the Stackhouse family - what? I am not sure, but one things certain - I can't wait to see the flashbacks regarding this plot!

ViddWizard: Nope, I call shenanigans! He is a damn good liar, though, as he nearly had me convinced when he was denying all knowledge to the king.

Is Eric sexier with long hair or short hair?  
M.L. House: Huh? Eric has hair?!? That's not exactly the body part I'm focusing on when Alexander Skarsgard is on screen.

The Barnacle: Lately I've been growing it out.  Thanks for noticing.

Mrs. Northman: Hello! Mr. Northman is HOT no matter what length his hair is. But I do have to say, he is super hot with the semi short hair he's rockin these days. Swoon.

ViddWizard: Can I vote for Sookie with the short black hair??? I know it was a wig, but honestly she was smokin hot!

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