Babies on the Way For Calzona on Grey's Anatomy?

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Somewhat lost amid the Grey's Anatomy bloodbath that ended Season 6 in May was Arizona's proclamation that she totally wants to have, like, 14 babies with Callie after all.

"I was wondering how we were gonna get back to it after the big season finale, but we just jump right back in," an enthusiastic Jessica Capshaw exclaimed to E! News.

Following the time-jump rule, Grey's Anatomy returns September 23 with lots of issues still to be resolved. Explains Jessica: "There's been a little bit of space in time."

In the aftermath of the tragedy, "People have been able to go away, come back and deal with it, and then the issues that are going to be the issues are there."

What issues is she talking about? Hmm.


RAISING EXPECTATIONS: Did Arizona falsely get Callie's hopes up?

"Now what it will be about for Arizona," the actress says, "is the moments when you make those promises; how do you make good on them? Do you still make good on them?"

"What do you think? How do you think it? And then what do you do?"

"Arizona [really] got away scott-free in that she and Callie weren't shot, but clearly there was still that life or death moment that made Arizona have her big epiphany and, 'I can't live without you. And I'll have 14 kids' which I don't believe she will."

So ... no cute little people then?

At least for now, "I'm thinking that there will not be babies! But maybe that's also just selfish because babies are really hard to work with. I feel like I'd have my hands full."

"I don't think I need more babies in my life," adds the new mom. "I'll have more than enough."

What do you think? Will Callie and Arizona last, or will the baby issue continue to drive them apart? Would you like to see this awesome couple start a family? Discuss!

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