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"I now know what it's like to be a witch in the 16th Century in Salem. To be persecuted just for being who you are." - Brendon, who says the show is about being "real"

Brendon certainly committed himself to his stated purpose after losing the Power of Veto on the previous evening's Big Brother: Save his girlfriend Rachel from elimination.

Did he oversell it, though? Calling out Britney, ridiculing Ragan and acting like a general jackass may have seemed smart at the time, but everything on this show is layered.

Even if the house didn't see through Brendon's ploy to put the target on his own back, they viewed his rants as reasons to keep him around ... because he sucks so much.

He'd therefore be easier to oust, theoretically, than Rachel. Welcome to Big Brother.

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THE END OF ANOTHER SHOW-MANCE: Brendon and Rachel are finally split up. Who stayed and who's in the jury house? Did his ploy to take attention away from his lover work?

He certainly succeeded in making himself hated, and getting into some terrific spats with Ragan and Britney, but would this achieve his goal or actually run counter to it?

Last week's eviction ceremony saw Hayden and Kristen torn apart. Now it's Brenchel's turn. But since the Brigade despises both, the outcome was slightly more in doubt.

The Saboteur and Julie Chen both hinted that whomever is sent home this week might not really be gone, but neither elaborated. We'll see if that foreshadows trouble.

One of them is definitely gone for the moment, though. The votes are in, and ...

Rachel has been evicted. By a 6-0 vote! Rough!

Guess the voters didn't go for Brendon's act, or the viewed him as so universally hated that he'd be a lame duck next week anyway. Tough luck, Early Man. Tough luck.

In her exit interview, she attributed her ouster to people being scared of her as a competitor. Partially true, although being so annoying and conniving didn't help either.

Think she'll find a way back in the house somehow? Will the Brigade team up to win the HoH and oust Brendon - or will Matt use his diamond PoV to do so regardless?

We'll have to wait and see if the witch (Brenchel) is really dead and what the fallout from this episode will be. Some additional thoughts as we head into Week Six ...

  • Much as we enjoy the additional interviews with hilarious Ragan resulting from his position as the Saboteur, the guy's gotta step it up. Do an actual prank! He just records a message that plays on the TV screen? A producer could do that!
  • Hayden talks very loudly in the diary room.
  • Did anyone else see Britney hug Lane?

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