Big Brother Review: Brendon Flunks Raganomics

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"Look. I'm a calm man. But when I hear Brendon is thinking about puttin' me up, I wanna walk into a bar, find the hottest girl ... and fight her boyfriend." - Lane

The love of his life evicted from the Big Brother house, Brendon set out for revenge. That he won a Head of Household contest of physical fitness was no surprise.

What he did with that power was. That Neader-tal is unpredictable!

As he tells us approximately 703 times throughout the episode, Brendon is under the impression that the house evicting Rachel was a personal attack on their love.

Viewers never forget this is a reality TV competition with a half million bucks on the line. Yet the egos of the people in the house run wild, making things so personal.

Lane Elenburg Photo

Lane Elenburg was a surprise nominee last night.

Ragan may have been proven correct in his assessment that Brendon is Early Man, and may end up paying the price. Despite a compelling offer, Brendon put him up.

The smart thing to do would be to secretly ally with Ragan, the ultimate floater and an ally no one would suspect, given the bad blood between him and Brenchel.

Brendon had even designated Ragan, along with Britney and Matt, as Have-Nots for the week. An alliance would have been perfect. But no. Ragan is on the block.

The other nominee came out of left field. Despite Hayden and Enzo urging him to nominate Britney, Brendon puts Ragan up against against a presumed pawn: Lane.

The Brigade is treading on thin ice with its secondary alliances. Matt and Ragan are close, and Lane's cute relationship with Britney may have come back to bite him.

Meanwhile, Hayden and Enzo cut a deal with Brendon to keep themselves off the block in return for the same (if they keep their word) protection of him next week.

Are they turning their back on Matt, who they are admittedly mildly distrustful, or looking out for the Brigade in general, knowing they have significant votes in hand?

It's hard to tell. But encouraging Brendon to nominate Ragan and Britney would have served the Brigade well, had it worked out. Now Lane's back is against the wall.

If the nominations stay the same, Ragan's in big trouble. Lane's boys do have his back, and the matter of Matt's diamond veto looms ever-present over these events.

Other questions and observations:

  • Britney can think of more elaborate ways to die than most people.
  • Enzo: Dead weight or genius? Does he tank events on purpose?
  • Can Matt's special veto power be used after the regular veto?
  • Is the Saboteur lying about the lifelong friends in the house?
  • So much for our theory that Brendon was playing Rachel ...

Week 6 Nominations Review

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