Big Brother Review: The Brigade Splinters, Brendon Seethes

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"Mean ... where I come from, if you do have a dream like that, you do NOT tell anybody about it!" - Lane, on Matt's nighttime visions of a shirtless Hayden

Last night's Big Brother episode was one of the least eventful of the season, but also the most entertaining. Little happened, and what did was fairly predictable, but the entertainment value exceeded expectations thanks to some of these off-the-wall characters.

From Ragan's multiple references to his gay drama queen status to Lane's enthusiastic take on ... well, anything, the Diary Room confessions alone would have made for a good episode. As for who Britney decided to put up on the block as Head of Household?

Brendon was a given, but Matt's caginess before dropping the Diamond PoV grenade last week may have spelled the end of the Brigade. It was inevitable at some point, with just seven house guests remaining, but the way it transpired was unexpected.

Enzo Palumbo Picture

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Having basically admitted he was going to "whack" Matt, then trying to backtrack sketchily later, Enzo has lost the trust of his fellow alliance member. Matt hasn't yet turned his back on the Brigade, but he's not that sad to see Enzo on the block either.

Whether the fearsome foursome is splintering or already fractured is up for debate - as the best player in the game, Matt is keeping his options open. He's not throwing anyone under the bus ... entirely. He could have put Enzo up instead of Kathy.

Still, Hayden and Enzo are quasi-turning on Matt because he turned on them, or so they say. Matt hasn't really turned on anyone ... he's just seen their true colors and is the favorite, as he showed in talking Britney out of putting him up as the pawn.

Britney's/Matt’s reasoning for putting Enzo up was brilliant - he'd never been on the block before. Not only is it true, it comes off as the opposite of a personal attack. As far as putting up Brendon? We're scratching our heads a little at that one, Brit.

First off, the guy offered you a deal. If you don't put him up, and he wins PoV anyway, you can say you honored the deal. If someone else wins and you can back door Brendon, so be it! Now there's a decent chance Brendon wins PoV and wreaks havoc.

Two other interesting questions resulting from Britney's nominations:

  1. If the nominations stay the same, does the Brigade kick out Brendon, or turn on Enzo? Probably the former, but Matt is always thinking a step or two ahead.
  2. If either Enzo or Brendon win PoV and take themselves off the block, who goes up instead? Might we see a new pawn go up in order to take either one out?

What do you think? Did Britney make the right choice nominating Brendon and Enzo? Who do you think will win PoV and who will end up ousted?

Other amazing quotes and random observations from last night ...

  • Who hasn't dreamed of a shirtless Hayden ... right? Anyone? Hello?
  • Lane really needs a Twitter account ... and/or a reality show. This is the second time he's mentioned punching out a hypothetical hot girl's boyfriend.
  • Is Matt's "homosexual showmance" being taken a little more seriously by the actual homosexual? Very likely. Either way, it's hilarious to watch.
  • Ragan on the "real" Rodeo Rachel shot, during the Have-Have Not competition: “silicone, nasty hair extensions, and just a dash of chin acne.”
  • Britney's tiara photo: Disturbing or cute? Lane so wants to hit that ... the present-day version, that is. Or the 19th Century barkeeper version.

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