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While Grace and Henry have battled their fears in recent weeks, "The Ex-Files" gave Fargo, Jo, Carter, Allison, and Grant a chance to face their inner most fear, literally.

My favorite couple on Eureka continued to make a miraculous recovery this week as Henry and Grace went from barely speaking two weeks ago, to dancing last week, to hosting a picnic as a couple once again this week.


I can forgive the shortened timeline as it was really cool to see them happy again. I really like Grace and Henry together and I hope that things continue to improve for them.

For the rest of the team, it was a unique experience seeing each deal with their fears. Fargo’s fear being represented by a ten year old Jessica Lansky was entertaining to say the least. I will admit that the writers got me at first with Zane when he told Jo he was breaking off anything with Zoe and that “Jo gets him.” I didn’t expect that to be imaginary at all. Bravo on the subtleness. However, I did see it coming when Jo poured her heart out to the wrong Zane. So I went one for two on that plot.

By far my favorite hallucination was Stark being back. I had forgotten how much I loved some of Stark’s and Carter’s banter. I have to imagine that Collin Ferguson (Carter) and Ed Quinn (Stark) must have had a blast revisiting the quid pro quo of teases and jabs at each other again. I had previously wondered if Stark was still dead in this timeline. Given that he turned out to be a hallucination it did answer the question that Stark is indeed still dead in this time line too. 

This leaves only my biggest concern for the show and the season that Beverly Barlowe wants to send Grant back to 1947. Here is what came to mind at the end of the episode when she said she wanted to send him back.

  • He knows way too much: Given Henry and Carter’s warning in the second episode that knowing too much could be a bad thing. Sending him back now could be catastrophic for Eureka.
  • Barlowe has a self-serving plan: Long to watchers of the show knows that Beverly Barlowe doesn’t do anything without it benefiting her or her cause. Grant does not know this about her yet, I am just afraid he will find out the hard way.
  • Undoing the Entire Season: I will be livid if the writers send Grant back and everything that has developed in this season goes out the window. This includes Carter and Allison together, Jo as head of security, Kevin being normal, etc. The beginning of season two went through a story where Henry and Carter were the only two who remembered a different timeline. Been there, done that, please have a better idea.

Next week is the season finale (I presume summer season as last year had 18 episodes and next week is only number 9), I am expecting we will might seen an answer to any of the three major concerns I have, but most likely we will also get more questions. 

I know I have not mentioned Allison and Carter relationship yet, in part since I am really worried that if I do discuss how much I am enjoying seeing them together, that the writers will *yet again* find a way to put them back at arm’s length just to spite my enjoyment. I would really like the see the writers overcome the notion that there has to be frustration between them in order for the show to work. You have been teasing us for four years, come on, take the plunge and keep them together! 

So what did you think of this Eureka episode? Are you happy Allison and Carter are finally together? Do you think we will all be heartbroken next week if it is all undone? Sound off below, tell us what you think.

Some Eureka quotes from last night ...

Carter: Ah, you likey the science talk.
Allison: A little bit.
Stark: I likey to barf. | permalink
Allison: You were exposed Grant, who are you seeing?
Carter: Tall leggy blonde, slinky red dress. | permalink
Carter: Geez, put a shirt on!
Stark: This is your imagination. | permalink
Jessica Lansky: Seriously Farto, is there anything you are not afraid of? How about bunny rabbits? | permalink
Carter: I just don't get it
Stark: Its science Carter, nobody expects you to get it. | permalink
Stark: Hey Carter, all done playing doctor with your robot? | permalink
Carter: You're dead, or undead.
Stark: (looks in mirror) Nope, not a vampire. | permalink
Carter: That never stops being creepy. | permalink
Jessica Lansky: Hard to be the big dog with your tail between your legs. | permalink

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

That never stops being creepy.


Hard to be the big dog with your tail between your legs.

Jessica Lansky