Exclusive Interview: Lisa Edelstein on House Character, Season Seven

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As Lisa Cuddy on House, Lisa Edelstein has established one of our favorite characters on TV.

The doctor took a major step at the conclusion of season, admitting her love for her cantankerous co-worker. It's a storyline that will create the basis for the show's seventh season, which premieres on September 20.

In the following exclusive interview, Edelstein spills a few House spoilers and sheds light on the relationship between these characters...

What are we in for this season?
They’re really exploring this relationship between House and Cuddy. What’s great about what [creator David Shore] has done is he’s really incorporated all the things one would worry about in terms of two main characters getting together on a show, into what it means for two people who work together in this hospital to get together. So he gets to confront it head on all of those issues.

Will it be smooth sailing for Cuddy and House?
Absolutely not [Laughs].

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Many viewers wonder how House manages to stay employed at the hospital with all of antics?
He also saves a lot of lives. Ultimately, he gets the results and Cuddy really respects him professionally and House knows she’s creating boundaries that he doesn’t know how to make for himself.

The episode "5 to 9" was so great. Will there be another episode from Cuddy’s point of view this season?
Thank you. I was terrified to do that episode because it’s not a show called “Cuddy" and I didn’t want to disappoint the people. I loved doing it, it was great. I don’t know if there will be another one. They don’t tell me those things. They hand me a script and the next day we start shooting it.

How is Cuddy dealing with the baby this season? Any more in her near future?
The baby definitely comes into play with her relationship with House. She’s got to be a part of that. It certainly one of the road blocks. [No more babies coming] that I know of.

Will we be introduced to anyone new this season?
Yes. Amber Tamblyn is coming onto the show. I just met her once and she seems really nice and cool and professional, so that’s good. She plays a new character on House’s team.

Is everyone like a family on set?
Definitely. We have a great group. There’s no crazy person, there’s no jerk or egomaniac. There’s a bunch of smart people who work, are workers, and want to do their job. It’s a nice atmosphere.

Hugh Laurie has a reputation for being very meticulous with his worth ethic. Are you the same way?
I have less of a challenge than he does. I’m not speaking in a foreign accent and I have far less dialogue than he does. I think he’s got a lot more on his plate than I do. Since most of my scenes are with him, I definitely try to show up with my work done so that I know I’m not going to hold up the process in anything.

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