Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: MerDer Time Bombs!

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Calzona may or may not be having babies.

Cristina becomes a sobbing mess.

Derek is going to jail.

Clearly, the aftermath from the tragic shooting spree within the halls of Seattle Grace will not be quickly shaken off by the surgeons. But some of the spoilers and rumors running wild online are leaving fans concerned for the welfare of their favorite characters.

Regarding the Derek bit, EW's Michael Ausiello offers more insight on how McDreamy ends up behind bars: In the season premiere, Derek gets arrested for being a speed addict.

As in he feels the need for speed. Behind the wheel. Is art imitating life for Patrick Dempsey? “[Derek] is doing a lot of speeding - in a car, not with drugs,” Shonda Rhimes says.

Patrick Waving

“He’s on an exuberant high, that adrenaline rush one gets after facing death and surviving. It’s something we hadn’t explored before - the idea that when something bad happens you go to a place of, ‘Now I can do anything.’ Meredith, however, sees his behavior as dangerous.”

Ausiello notes, correctly, that this is just one of two "time bombs" hanging over the couple this season. When we pick up the action, two months have passed since Gary Clark shot up the hospital and Meredith has still not told him about the pregnancy and miscarriage.

That will certainly be interesting to watch play out, as will the baby situation with Callie and Arizona. On that subject, Rhimes offers the following teaser:

“Will there be a baby right away? No. Will Callie’s turnaround [about children] stick? Yes.”

How will Callie and Arizona move forward? Will Derek slow the heck down - and if he finds out about the pregnancy, can he and Meredith work through it?

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