Hung Review: "Beaverland"

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This was probably my favorite episode of the season so far.  We got a lot of great stuff from all of the characters, minus Damon and Darby.

Let's start with Ray.  He gets hit with this bomb that Francis, the great Moby Dick, doesn't want to meet Richard.  Instead she wants to pay $1,500 for a weekend with Mike Hunt (sorry, I have to write his full name at all times from now on).  Ray argues with Tanya about the situation, claiming that Mike Hunt isn't going to want to be in the business. 

He and Francis hit it off, and maybe they should give the money back and see if the two of them can make it on their own.  Now was Ray really looking out for his friend, who finally has a spring in his step?  Or was Tanya correct in thinking Ray was just upset that Mike Hunt was bringing in more money than him and he didn't want the competition?  Probably a little from column A and a little from column B.

Ray and Lenore

If it weren't enough that Ray was getting looked over for Mike Hunt, his confidence took another blow when Lanore's new client (she just keeps bringing them in with ease) was completely unsatisfied by Ray's abilities in bed.  Maybe it's time for Ray to hang it up.  When has this guy ever kept a woman coming back?

Now high on the fact that she made a big $1,500 score, Tanya wants to share it with the world.  She meets up with her male pimp friend, who treats her to a wonderfully loud necklace from a pawn shop.  She immediately re-gifts the necklace to her mother. 

Tanya is so desperate for attention from her mom that she gives her this hideous chain at a celebratory dinner and continues to blurt out how expensive it was.  After these efforts fail to get mom's attention, she pays for the entire $840 dinner with her big wad of straight cash, homey.

If having a lot of money isn't working with mom, I doubt letting her in on the secret that you are a pimp would do much either.  I'd just let it go, Tanya.

On the other side of town, Jessica is having an issue with beavers.  She wakes up in the middle of the night to find one causing a raucous in the basement.  When Ronnie makes his way down to the basement to assess the situation, he finds no beaver and hence doesn't believe there ever was a beaver.  If this guy is so threatened by Ray, why doesn't he stop acting like a jerk all the time and focus on keeping his wife?

Ray offers to come by with some beaver traps and after a while of delaying Jessica finally accepts.  You can easily see her love for Ray is still in the air when she asks him to change his shirt so it isn't inside out.  Yeah I see what you were doing there, Jess.  You're not fooling anybody with those old tricks.  Ronnie comes into the situation a few minutes too late to witness the shirtless Ray, but still isn't happy to see the two of them together in the woods.

Jess is still meeting with her good friend Lanore, much to Ray's dismay.  Lanore promises him that she would never reveal the partnership they have going to Jess, but that is immediately more difficult when she let's slip that she knew Ray's house was burnt down.  Her way out?  Admitting to Jessica that she has the hots for Ray. 

Was this just and excuse, or does she actually have feelings for her gigolo?  When she showed up at Ray's door at the end of the episode, was that still a front?  Or was she really putting the moves on the man?  We shall see.

Beaverland Review

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