Jersey Shore to Be Spoofed on Bones

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The Jersey Shore bandwagon is getting crowded.

When Bones creator Hart Hanson jumps on it, you know the MTV reality show has left its mark on popular culture in a big way. Hanson confirmed a recent report that he has approached Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino to guest star in an upcoming episode.

“We’re trying to get The Situation to play a murder victim,” Hanson revealed to EW. “A guido is killed and Booth and Brennan enter that world to find out what happens. We’re not sure if it’ll actually happen or not. Talks are ongoing.”

Sources say The Situation would play fitness guru Ritchie “The V” Genero in the episode. The search is on for an actress to costar as Ritchie’s Victoria Gotti-esque mom.

David Boreanaz Shirtless
Shirtless Situation

Is Bones big enough for these two hunks?

“Bones actually understands them because she considers [guidos] to be a tribe,” explains star David Boreanaz. Adds Emily Deschanel: “Brennan anthropologically studies them and knows the lingo and the behavior. [She's] down with the whole guido stuff.”

Deschanel, who admits jealousy over Booth's new girlfriend this upcoming season, is at least in good spirits regarding this episode, currently slated for October. She predicts that the episode will be packed with Jersey Shore quotes and references.

Laughs the actress: “I guarantee that there will be a fist pump.”

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