McDreamy Still Shaken Up on Grey's Anatomy

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It looks like the aftermath of the tragic, stunning sixth season finale will not blow over quickly on Grey's Anatomy. The doctors will understandably be affected in many ways.

Here's how one major figure will be effected, according to EW's Michael Ausiello:

"Even though nearly two months will have passed since the shooting rampage, Derek will still be in pretty bad shape when the season starts. And I’m not talking physically."

Two months later and he's still having a hard time? It's not hard to believe, but still sad for Derek. Will he be sitting down with the new shrink? Might be a good idea.

First, it sounds like he'll have to come up with bail money, however.

A D-Shep Photo

Looks like troubled times ahead for McDreamy. [Photo: ABC]

Ausiello continues: "A major character will be sent directly to jail by the end of the episode. Hint: This person has already been name-checked in this week’s [column]."

What do you think happens with Derek? Will he be able to bounce back from the events of that tragic day - and how will Meredith's other tragic news play into this?

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