Royal Pains Review: "Big Whoop"

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Okay since there's only one more episode left of this second season of Royal Pains - I really thought the brotherly duo would be pulling out all the big guns - but, I was wrong.

If you do follow my reviews, you would know that these last couple episodes have yet to really hold my interests. Maybe they finally reached their peak with The Hankover? Hopefully, I am wrong but, nothing may ever be as good as that episode - again.

Let's get back to my review.

One should have guessed the mysterious cough had something to do with whooping cough since this week's installment was ambiguously titled "Big Whoop". But, surprisingly, I wasn't too keen last night. It did come as a shock to me.


I really did enjoy the guest stars this week playing the Harrison family. Everyone was so good looking and nice to boot! That was a pleasant sight to see compared to many of Hank's regular patients that treats in the Hamptons.

The scene where Emily was apologizing to Ted for her role in his fathers worsening condition was very touching, but I am not sure I buy that act.

I am 100% on Team Evan and his views of Emily. For whatever reason, she still rubs me the wrong way, and with only one more episode left, I do hope she does something so Hank realizes what type of woman she really is.

Eddie R still continues to keep us guessing. What do you think he really is up to? We know there's something Boris knows about him that has yet to come to light. My guess is, he has been forging Boris's signature for the purpose of stealing his money. Boris is on to him and doesn't have the energy to deal with this problem - yet.

Big Whoops Scene

Divya is still set to marry Raj and move back to England. She has been lining up her ducks for weeks now and if you're one to read spoilers/interviews you would know that there still is a very big spark between her and the hottie last week - Adam - that hasn't yet been extinguished.

Jill really hasn't played such a big part of the show throughout this season. Her character is always in the background and the only thing really happening with her is the clinic. Last night she really upset Boris about using his name to get her clinic back up and running. Sometimes, I just wish they'd bring back her ex husband just to spice things up again.

Like I said before, I wasn't that impressed. Actually, it took a lot of effort for me not to fall asleep watching this week's episode. What did you think of it? Love it or hate is - let us know!

Until next week's season finale, we leave you with a few Royal Pains quotes after the jump!

Emily: He plays dirty and I like it. | permalink
Evan: We have to plan a serious war retaliation for this succubus!
Emily: Succubus, really? | permalink
Eddie R: You're letting your emotions get in the way. | permalink
Divya: Trust me Evan, putting them together will definitely drive them apart. | permalink
Evan: High five - what is wrong with people? | permalink
Evan: He meant hacker - not whack her. | permalink
Evan: Emily Peck has crossed a serious line. | permalink

Big Whoop Review

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Royal Pains Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Evan: We have to plan a serious war retaliation for this succubus!
Emily: Succubus, really?

Emily Peck has crossed a serious line.