Shay Mitchell on Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale: Grab Your Seat!

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Pretty Little Liars spoiler alert: In the following exclusive interview, Shay Mitchell doesn't just talk about her character of Emily.

The actress reveals a lot about tomorrow night's summer finale, including who might return for it and whether or not we learn the identity of A. We'd like to thank Mitchell for her time and warn fans of the show: don't read any further if you wish to be surprised...

Your character has been on a rollercoaster this season.
Poor Emily, I know. One thing after another, especially with last weeks episode. She’s been on a little bit of a whirlwind and not only just figuring herself, which is, for most of the time enough for a teen to handle, she also has everything else being thrown at her. So its been a little bit of a trip for her. I don’t think it settles down anytime soon.

Are there any hints you can give me for the summer finale?
I can say that you will be introduced to a new character, it could be two or it could be one, but you will be introduced to a new character. It’s a male. There’s a chance that one of the girls could find out who A is. Be ready to fall out of your seat, I’m not even going to say be on the edge of your seat. You’re going to fall out of it.

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Emily has gone through a lot of self discovery as far as Toby, Mya and everything else. Does she know who she is quite yet?
The whole thing with sexual orientation is that it's not as black and white as people like to think it is, and I think Emily feels the same way. So I don’t think she feels there’s a need to put a label on herself. She enjoys the relationship she has with Mya, and she enjoyed the relationship she had with Toby.

If one day she decides to call herself bi sexual, gay or straight is totally up to her, and the writers of course. Some people think labels are limiting, and to others they are freeing, and I think with her situation, she’s kind of like “I’m kind of in the dead center right now and I’m not sure." She likes the person for who they are, and isn’t really thinking about the exterior of it all. I think she’s still figuring it out, but she’s enjoying the relationships she’s having.

Do we fully understand the relationship she had with Alison. Last week there was a little blip from the past. Will we find out more about that?
I think so. I mean, yeah you will find out more about that. It shows that Emily had very strong feelings for Alison as well and that could have been the beginning of it, of when she started having those feelings. She really cared for Alison, and maybe a little bit more than just friends. She definitely had a special connection with her though, and that’s what she’s trying to show.

At some point in this series, the viewer is considering each of the girls to possibly be A.
Yup. In Rosewood anything goes so you could really suspect anybody. So that’s what makes it a little trickier trying to find out who it actually is.

Are we going to see more of Emily and Toby?
I would say that if he were to come back, there could be a slight chance of them at least reconnecting on a fine level. But who’s to say he will come back? If he were, there could be a slight chance of that because they also had a unique type of relationship. He understood Emily too and I think any person that understands Emily is someone that she wants to hang around with.

If you watch an episode through one of the girls’ eyes. Which would it be?
I would love to watch the episode through Alison's eyes. And see what’s going on and how the girls are handling it. She’s looking in through a fishbowl, so I would like to watch from her perspective.

Last episode gave a lot of people chills when you were in the library.
When I watched the ADR, it gave me chills as well, and the friends I was watching it with. When those books were falling they were actually falling, and I was very scared since I didn’t know when they were going to come out. That was such a fun scene. I ended up getting hit the last time they threw the books. They did hit me, and I was shocked by that, too.

When is the show coming back from hiatus?
We come back in September. I’m not sure when the premiere of the back 12 is. I heard through the grapevine that it’s early 2011, I could be so wrong but I have no idea. All I know is I need to be back here for [for filming] September.

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