Supernatural Show Runner Teases Season Six: Goodbye, Impala!

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Monsters and vampires are all coming to season to six of Supernatural.

What else can viewers expect when they tune in for the September 24 premiere? Show runner Sera Gamble says fans should expect to see a different, committed side to Dean.

"[He] has been retired from hunting; he hung up the gun, he walked off the battlefield," she tells TV Squad in a new interview, though we can confirm Sam will soon come knocking, setting in motion the events of the new season.

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In the following excerpts, Gamble teases other upcoming storylines on the show:

Farewell, Impala: "He's not driving the Impala... The Impala represents everything to Dean - it represents his childhood, and more to the point, it represents hunting and it represents Sam. He's not a hunter anymore and his brother is dead, so it's under a tarp and he's living a different life."

Lisa is sticking around: "If you've been in a relationship of any length, it has stakes, to the point where you're living with someone and you're raising their child with them. There's real affection there, so you don't just pack up your sh-t and go, even if you really need to go - it's a conversation for them both to have."

The return of Raphael...: "He was not in a good mood when we saw him before, and he's the only one left in heaven, so he has a role to play."

... and Castiel: "He's very attached to Sam and Dean, and wants to be involved in helping them as much as he can. He's being pulled in a lot of directions."

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