Supernatural Spoilers: Monsters and Vampires to Come!

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At Comic-Con this year, producer Sera Gamble confirmed that monsters would play a key role on season six of Supernatural.

Now, in a more recent interview with, the show runner explained more about these creatures and their upcoming place on the series.

"Sam and Dean are looking into the fact that monsters are acting off-pattern," said Gamble. "It's sort of a postapocalyptic landscape and monsters are acting in various weird ways. It's a monster mystery."

Fifth Season Finale Scene

What else does Gamble have plans? An episode that spoofs both the Twilight phenomenon and vampires in general. She shared:

"I was just doing a bit of work on the script today with [series creator] Eric [Kripke] and he was like, 'So what is this reference to dropping an apple?' I was like, 'You don't know the dropping-an-apple thing? It's from Twilight!' I was like, 'Come over here! You have to watch the promo!' There are a lot of references to Twilight and our former The Vampire Diaries."

Supernatural moves nights and returns on September 24.

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