The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: "Chicken Little"

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"I don’t want to cause trouble, sometimes I just do." - Ashley

Some serious developments went down in this week’s episode of “Brenda Hampton blatantly pushes her conservative agenda.” Oops I meant, The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

In "Chicken Little," Griffin, one of the only tolerable and smart people on this show, calls Ashley out on her feelings for Ricky. Ashley is resistant to this, because what teenager really thinks with his or her head and follows logic when it comes to love?

Since George and Anne are out for the night, Ashley plans a romantic dinner with Ricky. He doesn’t realize that she was looking for it to be a date. How could he possibly miss the sexy ambience from the battery-operated candle?

Ricky, as pushed by Reuben, decides to go over and see Adrian. Ben is angry with him when Ricky reveals this because Ben doesn’t want Adrian to get stressed out.

Michael Imperioli on Secret Life

He also says that Ricky hurt her a lot. Ricky and Ben get into a really lackluster fight spewing hateful venom such as “do you even know how to use a condom?”

Uhh, clearly neither of you does considering the pregnant ladies who headline this show. Sure condoms do break, but Ricky probably also thinks that pulling out is a suitable method of birth control, just sayin’.

So Ricky goes over to see a tired, hungry, preggers Adrian and they kiss.

They both claim they don’t feel anything, but obviously Adrian is lying. Ashley creepily watches from the window next door like some sad peeping Tom. Not to be confused with actual Tom, Grace’s brother, who continues to have a pointless storyline on this show.

His ex girlfriend Tammy, who no one cares about, has gotten married.

Meanwhile, in Ms. Hampton’s agenda pushing fashion, the writer’s have decided to have Reuben and Leo push marriage onto Adrian and Ben. Honestly, if they get married I will stop watching this show. They are not into each other and I still have absolutely zero idea why Adrian is keeping this baby other than for the attention.

Grace and Griffin want to set each other up. Griffin brings Grant, which is kinda effed up considering Grant was dating his best girlfriend (Ashley).

Grace invites her friend Peter who she assumes is gay. Peter says he’s not; he and Griffin hang out and give Grace and Grant some space.

Unfortunately for Grant, nothing goes down because Jack interrupts.

Earlier in the episode when Griffin asks Grant what he thinks of Grace, Grant says she’s wonderful and doesn’t get why she’s still single. “Who did she sleep with?” he asks. Why is it that the show makes it seem like sex ruins a woman? How old fashioned and ridiculous is this? And the one person who always said it’s not a crime to enjoy sex, is now a pregnant unwed teen mother.

Per usual, The Secret Life is only pushing one viewpoint.

Back to the plot, Peter later admits that he is gay but too scared to tell his family.  We then find out that his family already knew.  Hopefully things will work out with him and Griffin because we need a functional relationship on this show.

Amy calls Ashley to tell her she’s giving up the French horn and to impart words of wisdom. Seems like she’s grown up in New York. What can I say? This city hardens you. Looking forward to next week when Ricky visits his baby-mama in the NYC.

Chicken Little Review

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