The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Spoilers: Producer Speaks on Katherine, Jeremy, Overall Themes

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The Vampire Diaries' first season finale was unreal. Katherine, the long-lost love of both Salvatore brothers who "turned" them a century and a half ago, is back.

Much of the season was devoted to the search for Katherine, particularly on Damon's part. What can we expect with her in Mystic Falls? When will they find out?

Executive producer Julie Plec dished on that subject and others in an interview with TV Guide, which we've excerpted from below. Here's what Plec says about ...

Nina Dobrev taking on two characters at the same time: "Nina jokes that Katherine is Nina on Saturday night - definitely feisty, but by no means an evil, manipulative, horrible troll. For her to be able to play both the moral center and soulful, compassionate character, and then the narcissistic, selfish, manipulative, naughty minx is big for her."

Bonnie in the Background

Katherine's agenda: "She sets her sights on basically making sure that the Stefan and Elena love story hits a snag. It's going to be fun seeing Stefan and Katherine come up against each other. Obviously it's going to be fun to see Damon and Katherine because there's a lot of history there, too, but the triangle becomes the square."

When the Salvatores figure it out it's Katherine: "They both know within 15 minutes in the first episode. Damon realizes he was duped, and Stefan comes face-to-face with Katherine. The fun of it is how Stefan responds, as opposed to how Damon does."

The arc of Season Two: "What I loved about what 'Founders Day' gave us is that we had this small town that was building up to its big anniversary, and the long arc of the show is that history repeats itself. We're going to do something like that again this year."

Anna's death: We introduced the character knowing her exit would [have] a profound impact on Jeremy and Damon. For Damon, it was a glimpse of his humanity - he wanted to help her. We definitely knew she was there to make our heroes grow."

Jeremy: "We refuse to say what happens to Jeremy other than the fact that he's 'alive.' Regardless of that, the most important thing for Jeremy is that he's going to come out the other side of this with a much, much deeper and much stronger sense of himself."

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