Warehouse 13 Review: "For the Team"

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Holy super-story-twist, Batman! Could H.G. Wells really be a good guy?!?

Sadly, I am not the one to answer this question as I am way too biased. With her accent alone, I could sit and listen to her read a grocery list and enjoy it for hours. To that end, I would love to see Wells written into the Warehouse 13 team as an agent.

I think Jaime Murray is a talented actress and brings a lot of smarts and sass to the role. On "For the Team," she worked with Myka and it solidified me more on her side than ever. I also recently ran across a cast photo on Syfy's website that had Claudia, Lena, Myka, and Wells standing in the warehouse. When I went back tonight the photo, was mysteriously no longer in the photo library.

It would be such a great twist to find out the person we think is the “big bad guy” is really a wrongly accused good guy who helps reveal the real bad guy.

Return of H.G. Wells

This episode also featured my favorite new agent (okay, the only new agent) in training: Claudia. You have to admit Apprentice Agent Claudia truly had a baptism by fire on her first case.  First, she watched a guy burst into flames and then, almost conflagrated herself after falling into a vat of the tainted energy drink. Given how much stuff has happened to Myka and Pete, should she really have expected anything different?

Hang in there, Claudia, you will make it, and remember: Fargo has a job for you in Eureka if you decided you don’t like the warehouse.

I was happy that Lindsey Wagner was used in the episode a bit more than Tia Carrere was last week. While not significantly more, I think it was much better balanced with how much that had advertised her being on the show. Given that she and Artie seem to be kindling a romance, maybe we will get to see her a bit more in future episodes.

Speaking of romance, who was thrilled when Pete finally admitted he liked Kelly and she called him cute? I can’t tell if they will make it very far or will end up strangling each other before desert. What I do know is that I really like Paula Garcés as an actress, and I hope like Wells and Vanessa, we get to see more of her and Pete together.

As I have mentioned before, I really like how the writers have began to included ten minutes or so at the end of the episode to see our team in their personal lives. Tonight featured a really nice four-way running montage. Now, I understood Artie and Vanessa finally having a date and Kelly and Nate “going Dutch," the other two parts did leave me with questions:
  • Why is Claudia afraid of school? It was established early on that she is a genius and way ahead of her peers. She should be able to test out of almost any class she wants, why would she not want to go to school? Do brilliant people really fear school?
  • Why did Myka put the grappling hook in the warehouse and what was the box she put it in? Was this an item that Wells had taken when she left? If so, how was it an artifact? I was totally confused by Myka putting it away after Wells left it for her. If anyone understood that scene better, please explain it to me.

What did you think of the episode? Would you like to see H.G. Wells working for the Warehouse? Do you think Kelly and Pete will make it to desert before she whacks him on the head?

For the Team Review

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