Chuck Round Table: "Chuck vs. the Anniversary"

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Welcome to the debut of the Chuck Round Table!

Loyal TV Fanatic readers know how this works: various staff members and fans of a show gather to analyze and dissect the latest episode, in this case the Chuck season four premiere. Reader feedback is always appreciated on the following topics:

What was your favorite Chuck quote from last night?
Quiet Pool: Morgan's "This is nuts.  A secret spy base and it's got lasers and gadgets... and neatly organized files."  Yes, Morgan, get excited about the files!

Dr. Toboggan: Morgan and Sarah's sexting. "You kiss your mom with those thumbs?" You have to love Morgan.

Dr. Venture: Because of my complete inability to remember specific quotes due to my horrible memory, and general drunken haze that is my life; I'd have to go with the Tanziers spy move.

Harris Feldman: "Chuck still thinks Im sexting." I feel like I've been in that situation before and continued to respond with a naked picture of myself.  It never looks good when the girl's father is holding her phone for her while she's giving a eulogy at her great grandmothers funeral.

The Barnacle: Definitely Chuck's nerdy little self-aware line, "This is not the opening of a TV show. This is real life."

Chuck RT

Better guest star: Dolph Lundgren or Linda Hamilton?
Quiet Pool: Easily Dolph Lundgren.  Did you hear that "I must break you" line?  Originality at its best.

Dr. Toboggan: Dolph. How impressive is Sarah that it she took him out with one punch when it took Rocky 15 rounds?

Dr. Venture: I'm more shocked that Dolph Lundgren is still alive after eating steroids like they're PEZ. Seriously, though, what self-respecting nerd doesn't love Linda Hamilton?  Plus, I think she's still smoking for her age.

Harris Feldman: Dolph Lundgren, hands down. Who says steroids make you age?

The Barnacle: As the organizer of the Round Table, I'm going to cheat and go with a third option I didn't give the others: Olivia Munn.  Hot.

What was the best Tanziers you ever pulled off?
Quiet Pool: As difficult of a strategy as it is, I've never been able to pull it off.  There's just too much advanced planning for me.

Dr. Toboggan: Who knows?  Whenever I'm in trouble, I just turn and run.

Dr. Venture: When someone, who will not be named, got thrown out of a club in Miami for urinating in the corner of the VIP section.

Harris Feldman: Once I woke up in a piece of shrubbery after a black out night of binge drinking, only to realize I was only wearing women's underware and I had become the center stage of an Asian tour group. I still have yet to see any of those photos. I can only imagine the royalties I deserve.

The Barnacle: While I may or may not be the person Dr. Venture described, that still would not be my best Tanziers.  It was definitely when myself and two buddies threw catering trays of Italian food all over a frat house lawn.  When discovered, we all gave each other a look and didn't even need to say Tanziers.  It was implied as we bolted.

Are you happy or annoyed with Chuck's return to the Buy More?
Quiet Pool: I'm just annoyed that it isn't the Buy More we're used to.  Will they still have impromptu Jeffster! concerts or music video showings now that it's a full-fledged CIA spy base?  I doubt it.

Dr. Toboggan: Happy, but we need Jeffster! and Big Mike back. Actually, they don't even need to work there i just want to hear about Jeffs weekend escapades.

Dr. Venture: I'm just hoping he's making a real salary for his awesomeness, and to cover his newly acquired massive debt. Realistically, though, he kinda had to go back to the Buy More to be able to make the show work with him being a spy.

Harris Feldman: I can only imagine when some prepubescent nerd walks into the store looking for the third season of Lost to get his jollies off and hits the red button sending us all to Defcon One.

The Barnacle: Am I the only one that was really rooting for him to get the job at Vandelay Industries?  I'd miss Jeffster! appearance as much as the next guy, but the potential for George Costanza to make an appearance would have been unreal.

Overall, what did you think of the premiere and this season's setup?
Quiet Pool: I'm just excited to have Chuck back in my life.  The fact that I didn't have to eat a million Subway sandwiches this year to make that happen was a bonus.  The set up of Chuck keeping this major secret from Ellie is awesome (no pun intended).  It is sure to blow up in his face and I can't wait.

Dr. Toboggan: It was good, a little cheesier than most Chuck episodes (which is hard to be) with trap doors and blackouts. But I agree: I'm just happy to not be buying Subway every day.

Dr. Venture: I love Chuck, Sarah, Casey, Grimes, Sarah (seriously I want to hump her leg and have her babies), and frickin everyone else. The setup was awesome and I'm sure we'll get more of what we all have come to love over the rest of the season... then cry again night after night, hiding under our beds as we have to wait for the next one (or is that just me?).

Harris Feldman: I think the bulge in my pants is a tell tale sign that I'm excited to see more of Sarah Walker.

The Barnacle: While I didn't love the episode as much as previous premieres, I do actually like the setup.  Every year I wonder: where is this show going to go next season after seemingly wrapping everything up.  Then - bam! - we get a new evil agency and a new quest.  Love Chuck in all its cheesy glory.

Olivia Munn on Chuck

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This is not the opening of a tv show. This is real life.


I can't believe this was under your house. This is nuts. A secret spy base and it's got lasers and gadgets...and neatly organized files.


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