(Still) Cougar Town Season Premiere Review: "All Mixed Up"

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Cougar Town picked up a couple of summer months later in last night's season premiere "All Mixed Up" - and I was so very happy to have this touching, yet hilarious show back on the air!

First of all, how can you not love the creators of this sitcom when they poked fun of their own name (Still Cougar Town)?!

Excited Laurie!

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I was really pulling for the change all last season (eh, what's wrong with the Cul-de-sac Crew!?), but wasn't too disappointed in the greater forces that be when they added the Still to the title. Bravo!

As we all highly anticipated, Jennifer Aniston did an excellent job of playing Jules' batty shrink who has a "relationship" with her dog. It was a funny cameo, but I rather enjoyed it just because in real life these two are BFFs and for some reason the tune of My buddy fills my head (wherever I go, you're gonna go...).

So Trav is about to leave for college and he makes a bet with Laurie over who can stay up the longest. Really, Trav? You didn't expect Laurie to cheat? In any case, it was nice to see Laurie admit to Travis that she will be one of the people who really will miss having him around.

It was also nice to see that Smith is still hanging around. I rather enjoy these two together and can't wait what their relationship takes them this season.

Grayson and Jules have made it blissfully through a summer being butt buddies - well, up until Grayson asks for a 24-hour break. I was with Jules on this one, why do you need a break? At least Grayson once again showed his softer side for Jules when he came back before the time period was over. Swoon! I just LOVE these two together! Because this is a comedy show and not a drama, hopefully the writers will keep these two lovebirds together!

Probably one of my favorite aspects of this show has the be the wine drinking, hands down! It amazes me the funny games they play while drinking (quick - killer whale that lives in a chocolate factory?!) and how Jules even has a glass large enough to fill two bottles. Gotta love Big Joe!

Andy was also hilarious speaking to the poster of Jules on the bench and guarding it with his life...well, guarding it until it was siesta time. Speaking of siestas, how great would it be if we call could take a nap around 2pm?

What did you think of the season premiere? Leave your comments below!

Until next week, here are a few of my favorite (Still) Cougar Town quotes from last night:

Jules: What's up? It hasn't been 24 hours?
Grayson: I missed you. | permalink
Jules: Wine now - no no, I need big Joe.
Ellie: (to Laurie) Man hands help me. | permalink
Bonnie: 5-4-3 my anger is a purple balloon and I let it go. | permalink
Ellie: Good lord you wake up peppy!
Jules: Now where was I before the siesta? | permalink
Grayson: Thanks Doc! Hottest doctor I've seen by the way.
Bonnie: Inappropriate. | permalink
Laurie: Please I don't miss people I dismiss them. | permalink
Travis: I don't get it how is that a drinking game?
Jules: We drink while we do it. | permalink

All Mixed Up Review

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Travis: I don't get it how is that a drinking game?
Jules: We drink while we do it.