Cougar Town Review: "Let Yourself Go"

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Last night's episode of Cougar Town had me tearing up a bit. What can I say? I'm a sucker for goodbyes.

Granted, it's not like Trav is moving to Siberia or anything, but hey! He is still flying the coop. When the whole gang stood outside and waved to Trav, my tear ducts became a bit moist. Farewell can be hard, especially when you are that close to your family.

Hug for Jules

I really wasn't sure how crazy Jules would get in "Let Yourself Go." We knew from last week that this week's episode would be the last couple days Trav would be living with her, but I think she handled it quite well. Especially since he decided to change his plans and leave the next day. I loved how Ellie gave Jules the permission to act crazy and, boy, can Jules be a loon!

I think that is why she is such a lovable character. I truly believe that she doesn't have the faintest idea of how crazy she really is. All the memorabilia from Trav when he was a baby to the flashbacks of her riding a motorcycle blinded by the love of being with her son... they add up to one thing: Crazy! A mom that really adores her son in every way possible.

The most obvious aspect of the show to bring in the laughs is everyone's nonchalant attitude towards their wine consumption. Maybe one would look at the group and think their just a bunch of alcoholics inhibiting each other in their quest for new ways to drink wine, but I see a bunch of fun loving friends just looking to have a good time.

It is pretty interesting how they manage to create a new drinking game each week that involves chugging wine. Really, wine? It was pretty funny when Andy said:

Andy: Ugh. Its really hard to chug Pinot. | permalink

That beautiful balding man stole the words right out of my mouth!

I also liked watching Bobby cope with having their son leave for college. He gets Laurie (out of all people) to help him learn how to use the computer. At first, it looks like he just wants to learn how to watch cute animal videos and blog, but really he learned so that he could keep in touch with his son via email. It almost melted my heart.

I think it's also noteworthy to point out that when Jules and Bobby visited Trav at his dorm room, Bobby was hanging on Trav's bed eating a cup of Ramen. That's the classic meal for every college kid! And one thing is for certain: that stuff is delicious.

Lastly, it was weird watching Ellie show emotions for her son, Stan. Of course, she first goes on to pretend that he's dead to get their neighbor to do stuff for them, but at the end of the episode she just couldn't shut up about all the cutesy things he does. Very strange indeed.

Do you think that this is a turn of the leaf for Ellie? Or just a one time mush fest?

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed last night's episode because it brought back a flood of my own personal emotions of leaving home and going away to college. What did you think of it? Love it or find it hard to watch - let us know!

Until next week, here are a few of my favorite Cougar Town quotes from last night:

Ellie: Oh! Stan walked!
Jules: Now is not the time.
Ellie: Right. | permalink
Travis: You're kinda smothering me.
Jules: With love. It doesn't count. | permalink
Jules: Travis! You're mine today.
Travis: This can't be good. | permalink
Laurie: Jules! Slap out of it. | permalink
Ellie: Honey, why don't you go to your crazy place?
Jules: I don't want to. | permalink
Grayson: I'm not getting involved.
Jules: You so are. You ate his lasagna last night.
Grayson: I ate dead baby lasagna? | permalink
Grayson: Why do you keep doing this if you know I hate it?
Jules: You just answered your own question. | permalink
Laurie: Okay I'm lost inside my brain again...
Ellie: Oh jelly bean.
Laurie: Drinking games! I love drinking games! | permalink

Let Yourself Go Review

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Cougar Town Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Ugh. Its really hard to chug pinot.


Laurie: Okay I'm lost inside my brain again...
Ellie: Oh jelly bean.
Laurie: Drinking games! I love drinking games!