Exclusive Interview: Welcome to 90210, Blair Redford!

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90210 fans met Blair Redford on the third season premiere.

Now, in an exclusive interview with TV Fanatic, the actor who plays Ivy's long-time pal Oscar opens up about his character and what's ahead for him on this CW drama...

Tell us about Oscar.
He’s a very manipulative type of guy, but he does everything in a charming way, so it’s kind of hard not to like him. One of his main weapons is his charm, so he does stir up some trouble, especially between Ivy and Dixon, and having to do with their relationships, and then potentially even Ivy and her mother. Very deceiving. He’s always several steps ahead of everyone around him; he’s a pretty smart guy. He moves people around like chess pieces without them knowing it.

Oscar Makes an Announcement

How does it feel to be joining an ensemble cast that’s been working together for awhile?
It feels great. They’ve all been so welcoming. Whenever you have an ensemble cast like this and they’ve been together since the beginning, you’re always curious before your first day on set how everyone will respond to a newcomer, but they were really great and easy to work with. About 80% of the stuff I’ve been shooting has been with Jillian Zinser, and she’s been very cool to get to know and work with. I’ve also been working a lot with Kelly Lynch and Tristan Wilds. They’ve all been really nice.

How did you end up auditioning for the role of a British guy?
In part, it was mainly a regular audition. I got a call from my agent and I knew they were really looking for a British guy, but my agent knew that I’m pretty good with accents... I did fairly well, and the casting director liked it and I found out that I was going back in for producers later on. I was told I was the only American that had been sent to producer. I was up against 13 or 14 other British guys, but somehow they liked what the American could do over the British guy. It was really surprising, and it made me even more excited about the role.

Do you ever forget to turn off the accent after a scene?
Always, actually. That’s what’s been kind of confusing for the crew. I didn’t realize how bad it was until the last couple weeks. I’ve been shooting now for almost six weeks and I still find out day to day, there’s certain crew members that come up to me and say “dude, I had no idea you were an American." An hour before a scene I go into Oscar’s accent, so that’s all the crew hears and thinks I’m English when really from Georgia.

What can we look forward to this season?
There’s an issue that Oscar causes between Dixon and Ivy. Oscar definitely sets his sights on Ivy at a certain point, but it’s probably unknown to the audience what his intentions are. From the viewers' point of view, it could be that Oscar is actually very interested in her, and wants to be with her romantically. Again, he’s just wanting to use her in a larger scheme for a deeper plan that he has in the works. He does try to come between them, and he does go after Ivy. It will be fun to see Ivy’s reaction to this.

Will Oscar be mingling with any of the other female characters?
Yes. There’s some random hookups, not with the main cast members, but with other girls. It seems to be Oscar’s way. If he’s around a girl and he has the time on his hands, he’ll make something happen. There is another series regular character that from the beginning you see that he’s been going after. But it's secret, and nobody else in the group of kids knows about it.

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