Exclusive Interview: What's Ahead for Patrick Heusinger on Royal Pains?

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Royal Pains spoiler alert: Patrick Heusinger will reprise the role of Adam later this season.

How can we know for sure? The actor told TV Fanatic this week in an exclusive interview. Check out the complete interview below and learn more about the man who has also guest-starred on Gossip Girl, The Good Wife and 30 Rock...

How did the role on Royal Pains come about?
The casting directors (Bonnie Finnegan and Steven Jacobs) found me. I was in a play on Broadway this year, and just as that was ending they asked me to audition and not to shave or cut my hair the moment the play closed! We had a very humorous meeting that included the camera breaking down after the very first take of the first scene! To my good fortune, it offered an opportunity for all of us to get to know each other. Then, due to the lack of extra HD cameras sitting around (don't we all have those?), my audition was recorded on a FlipCam. Best audition ever!

Patrick Heusinger

What can you tell us about the winter season? Will your character still be around?
I can tell you that I will be around, and I can also tell you that Divya is great woman with a pure moral code. And the decisions she has made in the summer finale weigh on her, as they would most everyone. You'll have to wait and see where she stands. On a side note, the writers and producers are very wise not to share any plot points with us until necessary. Otherwise, I would spill all the secrets with you right now!

Your storyline focuses around an arranged marriage, a real issue in many cultures. Did this affect the writing or shooting in any way?
I can't speak to how it affects the writing, but I do know that the creative team at Royal Pains hold Divya's storyline very near and dear to their heart. Many people can identify with her and her current struggles, and it's important to handle with care.

How familiar were you with the show and/or your co-stars prior to landing the role?
Jill Flint and I had met socially prior to my arrival on set. One of my best friends in the world knows her, and introduced us. They don't come much nicer than Jill. I hadn't worked with the other cast members before, but I am pleased to report that Royal Pains is easily the nicest, most pleasant set I've ever been on. The crew is happy (which is always telling). People look forward to coming here. And Reshma is exactly what you see: sweet, charming and an absolute joy. I would work with her on every job if I could.

Gossip Girl is one of the most popular shows on our site. Can you talk about your experience appearing on that series?
I had such wonderful time over there. Such a wild experience! It was my first television role and I was a bit lost. I spent most of my time with Leighton and Ed who took very good care of me. They were very patient with my inexperience and nerves. It was a dream job for my first role on TV... I was an English Lord, they made me look amazing, and I had a zany plotline with crazy twists and turns, what's not to love?!?

Do you have any other projects in the works?
I'm shooting Royal Pains until October, so that's taking up most of my time. I will simultaneously shoot an incredible short film for Ridley Scott Associates Films called Fixe Gear with director Ben Dickinson. The script is sort of American Psycho meets Eyes Wide Shut, with a dash of Run Lola Run. I also have a passion for working with young playwrights and developing new work, so I'm always reading something somewhere. Beyond that, you'll just have to keep watching when the show comes back in January!

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