Gossip Girl Set Photos Galore: Jenny's Return, Serena's New Man and a Major Fashion Event!

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Below are photos from the Gossip Girl set over the past week showing the major fashion-themed episode that has fans buzzing, as well as a very familiar, controversial face.

It looks like Jenny Humphrey's fall return has officially been confirmed, though she won't be back for good until 2011. It doesn't appear that Blair is too happy to see her.

As for the lovely Serena? Guest star Sam Page is seen here escorting her, and if you can take your eyes off what she's wearing, the look like they could be a cute couple ...

Lively, Page
Taylor, Ed and Leighton Pic

Click to enlarge tons more Gossip Girl pictures taken on and around the show's New York City sets over the past week and tell us your theories on what goes down ...

Connor and Taylor Pic
The Rufus is on FIRE!
Westwick and Meester Action
A Lively Lady
BJ Standoff
Connor P. Pic
Ed Be Big Pimpin'!
Taylor and Penn Pic
Behind Leighton
P. Badge Pic
Ed and Leighton Argue
Taylor is Back Baby
Sam Page Photo
Blake By Her Trailer
Will You Look at That
Leighton on the Street

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