Liz Tigelaar Interview: What's Next on Life Unexpected?

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Life Unexpected got off to a solid start on Tuesday night, premiering its second season with the episode "Ocean Uncharted."

What can fans expect over the next few weeks and months? That's a question for creator Liz Tigelaar, who spoke to Daemon's TV this week:

On the ramifications of Baze's bar burning down: It definitely affects him because it sets him off having to go in a new direction and kind of opening up a different world for him. He ends up going to interview at his dad’s wealth management firm and ends up interviewing with a character named Emma played by Emma Caulfield and that starts him on what will be a new journey. The two of them definitely have a love/hate relationship although it’s more just hate/hate at the beginning. As actors they have a lot of chemistry together and so they’re really fun to watch.

Trouble at School

On Lux and her teacher: He is a big part of that arc and I think that it’s definitely a key relationship for Lux. Lux’s arc I think is in terms of, ‘Well, who am I now?’ What we talked about with Lux’s story is that Cate and Baze don’t know her that well. They know that she’s like a put together girl and they know that she seems really okay on the outside but she even said last season, ‘I’m not okay on the inside.’ So I think that we’re going to see some of that.

Life Unexpected airs the episode "Parents Unemployed" on Tuesday night. Check out a preview for it NOW.

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