Rookie Blue Review: "To Serve or Protect"

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Give Rookie Blue credit: it knows what it is.

The show typically treads in cliches and stereotypes; it doesn't delve too deeply into its characters; and it wraps up every issue (with the exception of Andy/Sam) with a pretty, basic bow by the end of every hour.

This isn't meant as a criticism. Rookie Blue a light, easily watchable summer program. But imagine if the series actually took a risk on this week's episode, "To Serve or Protect." Imagine if Andy's father actually did commit that murder.

McNally and Swarek

Such a development would serve as a surprise to viewers (always a good thing), would not be out of character for Tommy, would set up a morally grey debate for us (was Tommy right or wrong?) and lead to an extremely interesting arc for Andy.

As Swarek said, the stink of her dad's crime would follow Andy around for years - and we'd get to watch how this affected her at work and as a person.

Instead, Rookie Blue took the safe way out. It even put Tommy into AA to give us a happy, simple ending.

The episode was perfectly solid, with an especially good performance by Missy Peregrym. She was fantastic in her speech to her dad, telling him she couldn't clean up his messes any longer; and in her reaction to later learning about the mother of that victim years ago.

But soon after "To Serve or Protect" concluded, I found myself lamenting the missed opportunity for this show to take an edgy step and get out of its comfort zone for a change.

Other notes/observations:

  • Funny stuff between Dov and Diaz. I wouldn't have minded if the guy who played The Guardian stuck around as a quasi informant for the precinct. Maybe that's still a possibility.
  • Gail. Traci. From feuding to friendship. Eh, I don't care about these two very much.
  • If the show wants us to believe in Andy and Luke as a couple, it has to give us more on the latter. We know absolutely nothing about the guy. He's nice, forgiving, good at his job... but there's just not the same spark as there is between her and Swarek. That doesn't exactly make for pulse-pounding television.
  • I asked last week and I'll ask again: Why aren't Andy and Sam together? Aside from the writers wanting to drag this out for tension's sake, is there a legitimate storyline reason for them to not be taking that chemistry from the squad car to the bedroom?

What did everyone else think of the episode?

To Serve or Protect Review

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