Survivor Round Table: "Glitter In Their Eyes"

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RIP Jimmy Johnson.  One of our favorite, albeit short-lived, Survivor contestants was given the boot by his insecure tribemates on last night's episode of Survivor: Nicaragua

How does this affect the Espada tribe?  Will Jimmy T step into the leadership role or will Marty's plan to be the de facto leader be implemented?  And what the heck was up with NaOnka last night?

Our Round Table writers have convened to discuss these pressing questions and more.  They're also looking forward to debating the answers with our readers as well.

Espada voted off Jimmy Johnson.  Smart move?

Kakdaddy: Not if we're talking about my enjoyment of this season.  I suppose I see the rationale where Jimmy is certainly not a physical threat and going up against the younger tribe they need all the strength they can get.  I just didn't see him as the big bad threat that Marty and Jimmy T (what a weirdo) saw him as.

Survivor RT

Quiet Pool: Barry Switzer won the Super Bowl in only the second year after Johnson was fired from the Cowboys.  Who's to say Marty or Jimmy T won't do the same for these old geezers?

Mr. Probst: I know Jimmy wasn't getting it done physically, but that wasn't really the issue on the Espada tribe.  The phyiscal aspect of this last challenge wasn't the problem, bean bag throwing was.  If Espada loses another two or three challenges in a row, they'll miss his spirit.

Will NaOnka's selfish actions with Kelly B. and the hidden immunity idol clue come back to haunt her?

Kakdaddy: God I hope so.  Watching any scene where she opens her mouth is the most painful it has ever been to watch this show.  I viscerally hate her.  Unfortunately she is a member of the dominant alliance.  I don't think what she did last episode will cost her, but its painfully obvious that she is like this 24/7 and will keep doing this day after day.  Eventually it will be too much and she'll be gone.

Quiet Pool: As long as she continues to go hood on everyone in La Flor, no one can stop her!  But yes, this will definitely come back to haunt her.  How is she not the most hated tribe member at this point?

Mr. Probst: I'm still convinced that players like NaOnka can not survive, even if they're in the dominant alliance.  She's inevitably going to piss off the wrong member of her own alliance and then defiantly tell him or her off moments before Jeff snuffs out her torch.

Kelly S and NaOnka

Who will win the next leadership struggle for Espada - Marty or Jimmy T.?

Kakdaddy: I see Marty as having this kind of master plan and Jimmy T as wanting to be a part of something where he can have a say and a major part.  If Marty gives him that I think Jimmy will happily be the Robin to his Batman.  Jimmy T also doesn't seem all that bright in some ways so he might not notice that Marty is running the show if Marty makes it seem like Jimmy is his #1b.

Quiet Pool: For everyone in blue's sake, lets hope it is Marty.  Then again, they'd probably be wasting Jimmy T's talents if they don't let him be the new designated leader.

Mr. Probst: Initially, neither.  I can't see one deferring to the other.  This means one of them has to go.  After Marty took out Jimmy J with surgical precision, he'll need to do the same with Jimmy T before taking over.  He should have no problem doing that because this tribe is going to lose challenges. 

Which is more important, La Flor's youth and strength or Espada's unity?

Kakdaddy: La Flor's youth.  Not using the medallion and still coming back to win gives them a huge advantage.  They are already one up and likely have another victory coming with the use of the medallion.  Its going to be very difficult for Espada to not only beat them fairly in the next challenge, but to have to beat them at a disadvantage.  I think its going to be difficult for Espada to make it to the merge even with La Flor.

Quiet Pool: At this point in the game, I'd probably go with youth and strength.  Winning competitions is key in the early going. 

Mr. Probst: A lack of unity always seems to destroy tribes far more than any perceived physical or mental disability.  The ability to work as a team matters much more in these challenges than any one individuals ability.

La Flor Celebrates a Win

Who's your favorite castaway so far?

Kakdaddy: Jimmy Johnson.  Rest in peace the watchability of this season...  I only pray that others step up and that NaOnka meets a quick end.

Quiet Pool: I'm really enjoying Marty so far.  This guy isn't afraid to speak his mind and anybody who has the guts to start a let's get rid of Jimmy Johnson campaign, deserves some credit.

Mr. Probst: I'm impressed with Jill's savvy regarding the hidden immunity idol (it's far more of a curse than a blessing unless it's ownership is completely unknown and it never is) and I'm intrigued by Tyrone's combination of a sound social game with an obvious physical presence.  It's been a while since we've had someone who's competent in both arenas. 

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