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What's made Terriers such an interesting show to watch over its first three episodes has been its versatility.

This is a series that can easily switch between a variety of tones, from light-hearted, sarcastic banter between Hank and Britt in their truck to sentimental recollections of a former life, such as last week's closing scene between Hank and Gretchen.

On "Change Partners," we were given a look at a much darker Terriers - and it really opened up a door for where this show can go. I thought it was terrific.

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We've known Hank has his demons since the premiere, as we've seen him in AA and watched his temper flare up on occasion. But it wasn't clear just how lost this individual was until the conclusion of this week's hour.

Hank's immediate reaction when the bank VP leaped to his death? Gotta fake that loan signature! And for what purpose? To purchase a home he once shared with his ex-wife... who is now engaged to another man... who Hank is sort of stalking. That's just unhealthy all the way around, dude.

As someone who watches a lot of television for a living, it's rare for me to truly be taken by surprise. But I did not see this man's suicide coming, nor could I have predicted Hank's reaction to the incident.

Donal Logue was simply outstanding throughout this scene, and throughout the episode, as Hank's sarcasm and quick wit was replaced by a much darker, more troubled side.

I also didn't see Katie's reaction to Britt's admission coming and have just one question as a result: Does she have a sister?!?

Seriously, though, at its core, Terriers always comes back to the relationship between Hank and Britt. Few shows give us two characters that are so close and so well-written that when one gets angry and storms out of the car, only to ask for bus fare home, the other gives it to him, no questions asked. It's the small, simple stuff that proves to viewers just how tight these two have become.

Easily my favorite episode so far, "Change Partners" gave us new insight into both these men and none of it felt forced. The connection between Hank and Britt feels real, so does the latter's relationship to Katie (who used to hook... just kidding!) and I can't wait to see in which direction the show goes next.

Change Partners Review

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