The Big C Review: "Blue-Eyed Iris"

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Due to her cancer diagnosis, Cathy Jamison has been baring it all this season on The Big C, holding little of her personality and desires back.

But she took that philosophy to a whole new level on "Blue-Eyed Iris," a very low level, one below the belt... if you get our drift!

Idris Elba on The Big C

My complaint about The Big C in general is that there's no continuous plot, with the exception of Cathy finding new ways to act liberated and show off her new view on life each week. Sometimes, I wanna just say: I get it. She has cancer and has taken out a new lease on life. Is this all the show has to offer?!?

But Laura Linney remains so good in the lead role that I'm content to sit back and watch her antics each week, especially when they include the world's most awkward mother/son talk, along with some major flirting with Idris Elba, in a role 180 degrees from characters he has played on The Wire and The Office.

Other scenes/moments I enjoyed:
  • Paul's reaction to Cathy finding Adam with porn. It was a mixture of disgust, humor and shock. Combined with an eye patch, of course.
  • Cathy's condom-related talk with her son was actually spot-on. Let's home the 14-year old keeps that foreplay note in mind.
  • Run, Andrea, run! You'll be rich in no time!
  • Great to see Marlene interacting with Sean, but the show needs to do something new with the latter. Every word out of his mouth is about the idiocy of mankind. It does get a bit old.

What did you think of the episode?

Blue-Eyed Iris Review

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