The Event Review: "To Keep Us Safe"

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My feelings for The Event did not change from its opening episode through its follow-up: I really like this new drama.

It was nice that the writers showed us within the first 45 seconds where the plane disappeared to in "To Keep Us Safe," and within the hour we found out that the prisoners at Mount Inostranka Detention Facility are not human, but instead are aliens.

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Oh, how I love me some good ol' alien TV shows! I've always been a huge fan of 4400, along with the the current remake of the miniseries V, so The Event is right up my alley!

What makes this show different is the fact that half of the aliens that landed here have been trapped in the detention facility for over sixty years. Sophia stated to the President that her people can't wait any longer. They have been patient enough and want out. What do you think this could entail?

I love that Agent Lee is one of them. I knew by the way he would meet with Sophia that there was more to him than his strikingly handsome good looks, but I would have never expected him to be one of them. How clever was he when the lady was taking his fake blood? Who knew you could even put a fake line of blood under the skin like that? I have to admit it was kinda gross watching him pull it out of his arm.

We also learned more about Vicky. The party girl from the cruise is not just a party girl but is working with the people that kidnapped Leila. Why do you think they chose Michael Buchanan out of anyone to fly that plane? Do you think that he has connections to these people... or, even better, is an alien?

I feel so bad for Sean! He seems like a typical guy that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Who knows? Maybe Leila knows more about all of this than she's letting on. Something just doesn't sit well with me and this situation. Hopefully, Sean will escape before they send him to prison for a murder he did not commit!

Whoever these people are, they did not want any one to find out that we have aliens living among us. So much so that they tried to attack the President to divert attention. It worked enough for the President to not go through with the press conference once he realized that Sophia had been lying to them all about how many aliens survived the crash.

Elsewhere, Thomas is a new and very interesting character. He is an alien that lead the others into hiding and, from the looks of it, could be a potential love interest of Sophia's. Something tells me that he is up to no good and is sick and tired playing by human rules.

So the episode ended with Agent Lee being in charge of finding the rogue aliens (go figure, right!?) and going to the scene of the plane crash to find all the people dead outside the plane. Who do you think did this?

Like I said before, I am really loving this show! What did you think of last night's episode? Love it or hate is, let us know!

Until next week, here are a few of The Event quotes from last night:

Blake: Do whatever you have to, to find them. | permalink
Sophia: What I can tell you is that we mean you no harm. | permalink
Thomas: What about you?
Sophia: I can't abandon them. Unless you go there's no hope for any of us. | permalink
Martinez: Why are we holding them?
Blake: Excuse me Mr. President?
Martinez: Why are we holding them?
Blake: We're holding them because they refuse to tell us the truth about who they really are, why they are really here or what they really want. They have a hidden agenda, I know it in my bones. | permalink
Martinez: Right now I'm less concerned with who's trying to kill us than who saved us. | permalink

To Keep Us Safe Review

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The Event Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

(to his son) I'll keep us safe. I promise.


You watched us kill your wife, do you really think we'd hesitate to kill your daughters?