The Gates Review: "Little Girl Lost"

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After a two week long hiatus, The Gates came back action packed!

"Little Girl Lost" began exactly where "Identity Crisis" left off - Dylan and Claire are frantic to find their missing daughter, Emily, so they ask Nick to help them find her. Naturally, Nick was skeptical, but ever being the good guy, he agreed to.

Nick, In Thought

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I really thought that this storyline would have been a bit more dramatic then it actually was, but the ending scene was still quite shocking.

It was entertaining to watch Dylan squirm when Christian tested his intentions. Did you find it surprising that it was Claire who ended up killing Christian? Tis scene showed us how The Gates portrays a vampire death. I kind of imagined it to be more gory, a la True Blood, but it was more like what you would expect to see if an average Joe was stabbed.

In an interesting twist, we did get to see where Emily came from - and by the looks of it, her real aunt is not a happy camper! You could feel the tension in the air when Claire put Emily's aunt in her place. This most definitely will not be the last we see of her. I wonder if history will repeat itself here and Claire will kill Emily's aunt?

Andie finally comes clean to Charlie about what she is. Of course, Charlie doesn't believe her, but you gotta give the guy some credit. Would you believe her?

Andie has been taking the witches medication, but there hasn't been any side effects. Brett is the only supernatural character that could handle her, nevertheless Andie doesn't want anything to do with him. Lexie makes it pretty clear to Andie what her intentions are about Charlie and Brett. How do you feel this storyline will play out?

Besides these two scenarios, there really wasn't any major developments with the other characters. Which leads me to believe next week will have to have some crazy scenes with Devon. I just can't wait!

Overall, this week's episode provided some keen looks into the Radcliff's past, but besides that there wasn't meat. Leave us your thoughts below, we love hearing from you!

Until next week, we leave you with a few The Gates quotes below:

Leigh: Thanks for visiting the Gates - don't come again. | permalink
Brett: He'll never accept you. He'll never accept who you really are, Andie. | permalink
Nick: If it comes down to it - head or heart?
Dylan: Always go with the heart. | permalink
Dylan: Christian violated my wife so I tried to kill him. | permalink

Little Girl Lost Review

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The Gates Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Nick: If it comes down to it - head or heart?
Dylan: Always go with the heart.

Christian violated my wife so I tried to kill him.