Warehouse 13 Review: "Vendetta"

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Consider the Warehouse 13 game changed.

On "Vendetta," H.G. Wells was back - and no longer wanted. However, against Artie's wishes, she was reinstated to full agent.

I had mentioned previously that I wondered if the show was going to pull a twist on us and have her turn out to actually be a good guy.  This development clearly pointed that direction.  I really hope that Wells is exactly who she says she is for two reasons:

  1. I really like Jamie Murray who plays Wells and brings such a charm to the show with her accent and more “steam punk” style inventions.
  2. The “I am pretending to be good to get something from you” storyline has been used so many times at this point.
Artie, H.G. Wells and Adwin Kosan

I am really hoping the show has more imagination than that. Please let Wells remain a good guy and join the cast; she has such great potential. A positive sign: there's cast photo wallpaper on the SyFy website showing all four women (Lena, Claudia, Myka, and Wells).

Speaking of being reinstated, we met yet another new Regent today, Kosan. I'm glad the series is expanding a bit on the Regents and what role they play in the Warehouse.

Kosan appears to be the top dog as he was the one who could reinstate Wells. So now we have met Valda, who tries to make the team feel smaller by bullying them, and Kosan, who clearly does not need to bully the team as his presence seem to do that for him. Is someone keeping a Regent roster so we can all compare notes later?

While we had not seen Agent Dickenson since early in the first season when Claudia used his computer to hack into the warehouse, it was very sad (and a bit gruesome) that he got killed with an artifact. I don’t fully understand how a Russian could walk into the NSA or Secret Service buildings without being noticed.

This brings us to our heartbroken junior agent Claudia. She finally figured out Todd and he turns out to be in the witness protection program and has to be moved again. Poor Claudia just can’t get a break romantically - Fargo is in Eureka and now Todd is gone. Maybe Claudia should take a lesson from Pete and find herself a nice doctor type.

Speaking of doctor types, did anyone else catch that Pete made no mention of Kelly and Agent Katie Logan made a return appearance?  I wondered if this episode was actually suppose to have aired closer to the “Around the Bend” where Logan was first introduced. I am sure we will see Kelly again, even if it’s only to break Pete’s heart by dumping him, as clearly Warehouse agents don’t get to have love lives.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Are you glad H.G. Wells is on the team? Or is Artie correct and she should not be trusted?

Vendetta Review

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