Warehouse 13 Round Table: "Vendetta"

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In the wake of one of the best Warehouse 13 episodes of the season, TV Fanatic simply had to call our first-ever Warehouse 13 Round Table to order.

Below, a quartet of fans debate and analyze various aspects of "Vendetta." As always, reader reaction to these topics is encouraged...

What was your favorite Warehouse 13 quote from the episode?
Warehousefan101: Myka's "The Bronzer was your Time Machine." I have read the book 'The Time Machine' and seen a few of the films that were made, but nothing can compare to the actual novel. But I think that what makes this quote stand out to me is that the writers make it a point to say that even though this is a show about "Snagging, Bagging and Tagging" artifacts that can do some pretty amazing things, there is still no actual machine that will allow someone to travel through time. At least that we have seen so far.

Tom90deg: Claudia's "I love it when you talk tech."

ARochelle: "I can do black, I can do white, not so good at gray."

Enoyhs: Claudia: "I can do black, I can do white. Not so good with gray." Todd: "You mix black paint with white paint."

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Cuter couple: Todd and Claudia or Pete and Kelly?
Warehousefan101: However short lived it was, I really liked seeing Claudia and Todd together. While Pete and Kelly look cute, what we see with them is what we get. Todd, up until this point, has left us wondering, as to what he was actually doing in the town of Univille. Who would have thought that hardware store boy was actually in the witness protection program. It is my hope that, even though it seems that Todd's storyline has wrapped, we will see him again.

Tom90deg: Todd and Claudia without a doubt. Good to see some sweet nerd love happening!

ARochelle: DEFINITELY Todd/Claudia. I totally did not see the Witness Protection plotline coming with Todd. I was pleased to know he wasn't a bad guy and was relieved the writers didn't do that to him, Claudia or us.

Enoyhs: Definitely Todd and Claudia now. However, I very much liked Claudia and Fargo (Eureka), but it's not like that is going to happen.

Would you want to be an Agent for the Warehouse?
Warehousefan101: Would I want to risk my life to "Snag-Bag-and Tag" artifacts that are a danger to mankind? The answer to that question is a resounding: Yes.! Of course you have to put out of mind the constant danger that your life is in while on the job, but other than that, I think it would be amazing!

Tom90deg: On the one hand, you get to play with cool and mysterious artifacts and possibly save the world. On the other hand, there's the risk of death, insanity, and the lovely list of ways to kill you, so I'd go with no.

ARochelle: I'd love to be a Warehouse Agent - but, then again, I'm one of those people that daydreamed about being a spy when I was a kid. Sure, it's dangerous but it's exciting! And all those interesting artifacts makes the job more than worth the danger.

Enoyhs: Sure! I already have my "How I Want to 'Leave" list done. So I just go to IRS and tell them I want to work in a warehouse?

Did Myka do the right thing standing up for H.G. Wells?
Warehousefan101: I personally want to say that she did, but I think the jury is still out on that one. I do believe that Myka thought she was doing the right thing, but is Myka's love for the H.G.Wells novels and books in general clouding her judgment? It will be interesting to see what happens next.

Tom90deg: I think so. Artie is still focused on McPherson, and is worried that she's the same way. Also, H.G. did kill him, so there's that, hard to trust someone who's killed a friend.

ARochelle: I do think Myka did the right thing standing up for H.G... but I don't think she should have kept the info about H.G. to herself and I was surprised she didn't tell anyone else but she was trying to be sympathetic to the character and all she's been through. She may have been lied to about everything but she bought it, as did the audience, to a degree.

Enoyhs: Yes! She did save her life after all, and standing up for Wells was the least she could do.

H.G. Wells: Misunderstood good guy or an evil genius?
Warehousefan101: H.G. Wells is out of her time, and from what she said and I quote, "I was mad and became a danger." whether she is good or bad, I do not know. I want her to be good, but at the same time I see the way she seems to "play" with Myka's emotions...it just doesn't sit well with me. I will say this though; the writers of this show do an amazing job of always leaving me wanting more and more times than naught, they do things I don't even expect. (i.e. Todd) I am going to go out on a limb here and say that H.G. Wells is Chaotic Good. Most of the time she wants to do the right thing, but really only has her own interests at heart, and maybe those who she deems as "good" and on her side as well. I will be most surprised if she doesn't end up pitting the others against each other, all the while trying to get Myka to her side.

Tom90deg: Reply Hazy, Try Again Later. Just not enough info on her now. I hope she's a good guy, because the "I'm pretending to be good." act is a common trope. But, McPherson did de-bronze her, and mentioned something about a plan, so he must of had a reason. I think they're all asking the wrong question, rather than ask "Why were you bronzed?" you should ask "Why were you DE-bronzed?"

ARochelle: I do think it would be interesting to add her as a new character to the team but I KNOW there's going to be drama, good or bad, if she does join. There's just no way she can fit right in like Pete, Myka and even to a lesser extent Claudia. Her background is just too strange. She is her own artifact. She's not like the other agents and it should make for an interesting TV to see what and for how long they let her run wild through the warehouse!

Enoyhs: I really hope she is a good gal, but I still suspect that there is hidden agenda for her that she hasn't revealed yet. But I really hope she stays on a show for a while at least.

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